I haven"t excellent these in a while because of my substantial celebration the "yahoo Otaku have the right to fucking perform digital art now" *scream effects*. Also in respect of the Future ton hype, ns shall it is in doing a song review of a song featured in Future tone (mainly a song in the Prelude lol).

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I don"t understand why ns picked this track over Weekender Girl. Maybe because this song isn"t too known as Weekender Girl.

Enjoy lol

------ :musical_note: :notes: :musical_note: ------

:musical_note: an easy Info :musical_note:

Name: 1/6 -Out of the Gravity-

Producer: Vocaliod-P

Singer: Hatsune Miku

Uploaded: might 7 2009

Views: 1,065,000+ (NND)

:musical_note: first Impressions :musical_note:

Me: five look, YouTube recommended me miscellaneous *clicks*

Me: holy shit this is catchy as fuck. I choose it!

Next day: Scream to sing this tune to friends. Friends were annoyed.


official song art by Tarou

:musical_note: Da song :musical_note:

1/6 -Out the the Gavity-

:musical_note: lyrics :musical_note:

Someday, I"ll relax you indigenous the chain of gravity

And take you far to the satellite

Looking for you on the place

I walked approximately wandering top top the streets at night

The voice ns heard end the radio

Why was it that, ns felt worried about it?

I discovered you v reddish eyes

Don"t act prefer it to be nothing

There"s no method I might just leaving you sinking in a dark swamp

Someday, I"ll collection you free from the chain of gravity

And we"ll fly towards the sky to the satellite

If us go there, the burden in our bodies will certainly be 1/6

The loneliness you lug on your face

If I can lift you up even a little, that"ll be enough

Someday, I"ll take it you far there

Out of the gravity

Space travel is difficult at the moment

Going come a physically far-off place

I have thought the a most things together a result

Like looking over you, increase in the harbor"s red tower

You ran away, pretending

And tried hiding away the pace of her heartbeat

Today, give me the flexibility to take your hands

Like one orbit elevator

We"ll go beyond the clouds and also rise up to the satellite

If we might just ascend by 300m, we"ll acquire a small lighter, don"t friend think?

After all, though this is a childish trick

Though there"s tiny meaning, it"s much better to convey it

I want to take it you greater above the ground

Out the the gravity

These feelings that appears and also disappears

Are most likely being exposed, however

This egoism desires to conserve you now an ext than anything else

Borrowing the strength of the sun

The Moon is bright brilliantly

Won"t you count on me the exact same way?

Someday, I"ll relax you native the chains of gravity

And take it you away to the satellite

The pain, the loneliness, and everything else

Will be 1/6

Although we"ll have actually our an are ship lot later

While we battle our method to that place

Won"t you organize my left hand?

Someday, I"ll take it you out of the gravity

Out that the gravity

:musical_note: an interpretation :musical_note:

Ohoho my science teacher shall it is in proud the me if I proved them this song (just a hoax lol they probably will kill me).

So this tune is around loosening the pain and the experiencing of someone.

So a little real life info, gravity is what is stop you under to the ground and also that is why friend aren"t floating in the air (hey i wanna float). As soon as you space in space, there is no gravity so girlfriend float. The "gravity" in this track is something that is making someone feeling down and also not perform things the the human being wants to do.

Miku however wants to take that human being to the "satellite" which i assume is the person"s score or paradise. The "satellite"s" influence is do every negative thing be 1/6 that what it already was.


:musical_note: Music :musical_note:

Goddamn this track is catchy (given the above scene girlfriend seen how this song has actually infected me because that a while). There"s even something in the that gave some type of "space and the cosmos" emotion to the song. This is a electropop song. In reality it"s a very upbeat one.

:musical_note: PV :musical_note:

The pv is just a Miku holding a publication of some kind with her hair upwards. Ns guess the publication is she feelings.

:musical_note: job Diva stuff :musical_note:

WELCOME to ME saying STUFF around THE project DIVA associated STUFF to THE SONG!!!!!

Now an initial up because that criticism is the Future tone pv!

<60fps Full風> 1/6 out of the heaviness - Hatsune Miku 初音ミク DIVA English text Romaji subtitles PDA FT

So the pv in reality fits the space theme and also the elevator. Miku floating in the beginning is very cool due to the fact that you got that moon in the background in addition to the earth somewhere in the corner. Miku actually sings in the elevator that goes up to space and the scene changes while she goes upwards to the suggest she"s in space. The just this is how can she song in room where there"s no oxygen and also other stuff needed to live (she"s a robot yet who knows that she is).

Next we have the modules


The Future ton module is cool. The module"s dress really highlights Miku"s innocence in the song. Look at she even got wings however they"re useless in room (not the burst your bubble but it"s true). The only complaint is her hair. Yes her hair is cool and also stuff but at the height of her pair tails it looked favor a dog bit it and this looks favor Miku just woke up. Other than that this module is really creative.


Mirai module has actually less hair messiness and also is cute as a meant by a chibi.

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:musical_note: Conclusion :musical_note:

Well l prefer this song and you can clearly see me in the edge scream to sing this to annoy people. Perfect tune to cheer yourself up (or shout this in former of people). The melody is what gets me. However, the pv is quite bland and also I choose those pvs through some action.

Score: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading and also to those who are gaining Future Tone, HYYYYYYYYYPPPPPPPEEEEE!!!!!