OK, you’ve heard about it for years. But now you’re prepared to take the plunge (and you have to be) to to visit the world famous Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl. These two marathon days, June 10 & 11, 2017, deserve to seem a bit intimidating, so let me assist you out, and also offer clips the a few of the acts that’ll it is in on hand.

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Each day begins at 3:00 pm and also for the following eight hours or therefore you will be exposed come all creates of jazz, from be-bop to combination and improvised come arranged. Prepare to get in into worlds unknown together the word “jazz” includes musical varietals as vast as those in modern music. You’ll additionally see both headliners and newcomers.

Already you may be thinking, “How carry out I plan ahead to see simply the acts I want to see?” Well, that’s the beauty beauty of the festival–you don’t have to arrangement because it’s a party. In fact, the line-up girlfriend see detailed when girlfriend buy ticket is no the bespeak of appearance; that will be recognized on the day you go. Us do know that George Lopez is returning this year as master of Ceremonies.

British newcomer Jacob Collier, a Quincy Jones protégé and also first-time Grammy winner this year is on board; the Arturo Sandoval Latin huge Band is certain to gain all 17,000 attendees on your feet; musical director Stefon Harris and also special guests Roy Ayers and also Warren Wolf offer a salute to so late jazz vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson; and also headliner Marcus fearbut (with special guest Rahsaan Patterson) salutes the an excellent Al Jarreau, who passed away last February. Likewise headlining: Grammy award winner Lalah Hathaway, Common, Corinne Bailey Rae, Gregory Porter and TajMo’ (the Taj Mahal and also Keb’ Mo’ band). View the complete line-up here.

The an ext laid back you are at the festival, the more joy you’ll be. It have the right to be hot during the day (bring hats and also sunscreen), and also sometimes a neighbor is a small too loud once your favorite act is on, however relax. This is as much a communal occasion as the is a celebration event of jazz. And it’s continuous, for this reason you have the right to take a break anytime.

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The good news around breaks is that the Bowl has actually updated their food choices: chief Suzanne Goin and also restaurateur Caroline Styne have actually introduced new offerings. This year premieres the newly-built Plaza Marketplace–located in the fully renovated crate Office Plaza–which provides pre-entry shopping because that picnics on the grounds. Goin’s “grab-and-go” prepared foods will be easily accessible along through fresh breads, cheeses, snacks, and wine; you can likewise arrive hours prior to the show starts with a sit-down be safe lunch; or snack throughout the day; or have a meal delivered to your box, or… the selections are seemingly unlimited.

Check out these food options: The alcohol Bar through a.o.c the backyard Kitchen 22 Street Food and also Snacks Marketplace eastern & Plaza Marketplace Buzz McCoy’s Marketplace and also Sushi Lucques in ~ the Circle

It’s an awesome line-up this year; I’ve either viewed or heard the performers, and also it’s in reality a little startling that they’ll every be in one place. I’m happy simply thinking about it!

The 2017 Playboy Jazz Festival The Hollywood bowl Saturday and Sunday, June 10 & 11, 3:00 because that tickets, speak to 323.850.2000 or visit The Hollywood Bowl