David Bellemere/PlayboyAloha! Surfer-babe-turned-model Brook Power has actually been named Playboy‘s 2017 Playmate of the Year. Power, 27, an initial appeared in the magazine’s pages together Playmate the the Month in may 2016. The Oahu-based model, who’s likewise a visual artist, will certainly take the crown from critical year’s honoree, America’s following Top model alum Eugena Washington, and also become the 58th woman to organize the top title since Playboy called its an initial Playmate of the Year, Ellen Stratton, in 1960.

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“We’re excited to announce the Brook strength is our Playmate the the Year because that 2017,” said Playboy an imaginative Director kris Deacon in a statement announcing this year pick. “She is the epitome of a free-spirit — cool, an innovative and confident, all while balancing a unique personality with extraordinary beauty.”

“Honestly, I never thought I’d end up in Playboy,” strength told the magazine in the May/June 2017 issue, which features a stunning topless shooting of her on the cover. “I believed it was so the end of mine element. I’m just a surfer chick that rides horses.” Power, who likewise holds the difference of being the an initial Native American Playmate to be called Playmate of the Year, states that she didn’t mind going au naturel for the racy photographic featured in the issue. “When you’re modeling, she constantly gaining undressed and transforming in former of everyone,” she said. “I likewise trusted the aesthetic that ns knew the photographer would capture. I think you and also I both knew this wasn’t going to be something we would ever regret. That something we’re proud of doing.”

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zacleetaylor , the ideal dad. Many thanks for taking treatment of us and also playing guitar for us and buying united state mango and also teaching us cool stuff day-to-day , us love youuu #ozzert

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Power is additionally showing off what could be the many impressive post-baby-body of all time in the pages that the magazine, having actually just come to be a brand-new mom five months ago. The model offered birth to kid Ozzie in November. (Ozzie’s dad is Powers’ partner, Zac Taylor, a other model.) The genetically blessed household often posts their Hawaiian coast photos top top Instagram. “I more than likely feel the most beautiful when I’m surfing at residence in Hawaii,” strength told the magazine. “That sound so cheesy, but having the life pressure surrounding you and also the water on your skin, relocating under your feet, you definitely feel powerful, as though you’ve harnessed this good natural energy. You’re not just a spectator — you’re making the even much more beautiful by gift there.”