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How to Wear Metallic Eyeshadow

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Metallic eyeshadow It’s an extraordinary approach to show off your fun and fashionable side. Metallic eyeshadow is a global beauty circuit, metallic eyeshadow has been seen the majority of the fabulous occasions.

Metallic eyeshadow is basically in gently close, and you’ll see them under the “nude” color. Majority metallic eye shadows are in light and bare colors. When metallic eyeshadow applied the right way,they can take your entire cosmetics and your whole look a score higher, if any one applied the wrong way………….you will be a ghost.

1.Understand the metallic shade:

When choosing your shadows, it is essential to know the look of each shadows. Grays, silver, bronzes metallic shades give you quieted look, brighter shades give your whole cosmetics look more bold,dark grays, moss greens, light pinks give your look more pronounced.

2.Use brash

When applying shadows using a thick swarm concealer brush. This brush allows that you can acquire an appropriate quantity of shade.

3.Stick many colors

Making use of too many colors, specifically those who already have some sort of splendid surface to them can make your current eye cosmetics seem overdone.


Hold the instrument towards the internal corner of your eyes. Presently swipe this over the top in one stroke. Your color ought to end at the last part of your temples bone. If you add more drama to your eyes, rehash the procedure again and spread your eye covers in an alternate swipe.

5.Stay it on the eyelid

Now and again bringing your shadow up over the wrinkle of your eye makes them pop. When you use shadow simply keeping them on your eyelid.

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6.Stability out with matte shades

The shadows as of now have such striking compositions to them, the key is to adjust this out. You will need to mix it out with a matte impartial shade to make softer the makeup. This way you get your look modern and cool.


Take tiny angled eye shadow brush and also take a silver or white shade to apply this in the water pipe or internal corner of your eyes. This shadow will help consist of more sign while making your eyes pop out.

8.Tight lining the eyes

Don’t make a difference an eye liner as you would ordinarily do with customary eye shadows. On the off chance that you totally require your eyeliner, make beyond any doubt you make a slight line near to the lashes.

End with a song…..

So tell me, where is the silver lining
I stand in the shadow of your eye
So tell me, where is the silver lining
In the black of the shadows of your eyes

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