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How to Get Pink Lips

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” Girl, do you have a minute to spare?
I wanna make your pink lips turn pale
And take another hit of your hair
In case I never get to see you again”

Yes, every girl’s dream to get a pink lip for healthy and brighten a beautiful smile. If anyone wants her lips natural pink….. I give some tips to get a natural pink lip….

1. Moisturize

If you want healthy and pink lips you must keep your lips moisturized. You try applying lip balms, vitamin E oil to keep moisturized.

2. Cucumber juice

If keep your lips pinkish tinge you should reduce any darkness on your lips for that reason you can apply cucumber juice.slice a cucumber and rubbing it against your do this 3or 5 minute every day.

3. About dark colors

Dark Lipsticks sent the pinkish tinge.use well known brands and soft colors in your lips.

4. Lemon juice

Lemon juice naturally bleaches your lips.slices a lemon and rubbing it against your lips.

5. Rose petals

Some rose petals and mix with honey and milk and apply to the lips 10 or 12 minute for pinkish tinge.

6. Remove makeup

You should remove makeup before bad it’s good for getting a pink lip.

Some more tips to get a pink lip

>No smoking.

>Stay hydrated.

>Use sunscreen and

>Avoid low quality lipsticks.

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