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Looking naturally beautiful

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Yes, Gabe says naturally beautiful song about natural beauty.Natural beauty is a right way to express yourself. Everyone tries to look beautiful for that reason most of the women can’t imagine her life without makeup,but natural beauty is best for looking beautiful.To get beautiful look without makeup.I give some advice to get beautiful look without makeup just take care your face,hair and body.

1.Maintaining your body

*Eat healthy fruit, vegetable and water to looking beautiful because its healthy on the inside make this reflect on outside.

*Drink lots of water to flush out destructive passions.

*Drink a cup of tea in morning its help purifies wake up your senses and your body of toxins.

*Eat healthy fresh fruits and vegetables every day some foods lower fat,sugar and calories, avoid this type of foods.avoids chips,pizza,cakes as much as you can.

*Get fresh air and regular exercise to healthy and glow.Gets some exercise like run,dance,biking eats and take exercise that’s understanding your body.

*Get at least 8 hours sleep every day. Who have very difficult time to sleep, try mediation fast.

2.Maintaining skin

*Take natural cool water every day for flushing your toxins and get a natural glow to your skin.

*To get shin your skin?never wash your body with hot water always wash your body natural cold water.

*Use moisturizing at night to keep your skin soft and beautiful.

*Avoid heavy makeup.Heavy makeup destroys natural shine.Tries to go a few days without makeup.always remove makeup before going to bed.

*Use facial masks 1 or 2 times in a week.

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*Wash your face with cold water every morning and evening to keep your skin naturally.

3.Maintaining natural beauty

*Never say you are not beautiful.Tell regularly yourself you are beautiful and you will be.

*Avoid wearing clothes that don’t match your figer.

*Always think beautiful.

*Always be confident.

*keep smiling your face.

4.Maintaining Hair

*Wash your hair always lukewarm water never hot and use quality full shampoo and conditioner.

*Always eating protein foods to keep your hair healthy and strong so it’s a good idea to eat eggs,nuts,meat etc.

*Take a good care of your hair to get naturally beautiful look and don’t color your hair.

5.Maintaining Teeth

Shiny white teeth for just a pretty look so using mouth wash & brush your teeth everyday for getting a shiny teeth. Visit the dentist once a few months.

6.Feel beautiful

Accept that you are wonderful, smile will immediately help you to feel and look pretty. There is nothing more lovely – Essentially the most fruitful way is consuming a sense of balance eating methodology moreover obtain plenty of pastime. Start by jogging, having friends, trying out going or commence to operate throughout the rectangular continuously.

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