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History of cosmetics- across the globe

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In the modern world we can see thousands of makeup products it wasn’t generally like that.We generally need to bring about a significant improvement and make ourselves some piece of a general public. This is the reason cosmetics industry higher and higher.The cosmetics fast use Ancient Egypt and Greece.The Cosmetics use Ancient Egypt and Greece people for a variety of beauty treatments.The cosmetics day by day across the globe and speed Europe, Africa, Japan, China, America and Middle East.

Middle east

The cosmetics used in the Middle East from ancient time.Black powder and Kohl started using in the Middle East to darken the boundaries of the eyelids like eyeliner. After Arab tribes changed over to Islam and conquered those regions, in a few zones beauty care products were just confined in the event that they were to hide the genuine look keeping in mind the end goal to misdirect or reason uncontrolled longing. In Islamic law, there is no prohibition on wearing makeup, however, there are necessities as expressed above, and that the makeup should not be made of destructive substances as to damage one’s body.

In 2,000 BC Iraq people commonly used perfumes. They were made from a variety of natural resources and they were put away in shells.

The Egyptians people are famous for their purity and the Egyptians people used many makeup. The Egyptians people used dark eyeliner and green shade for their eyelids. They additionally utilized rouge for their cheeks. The Egyptians additionally utilized scent.


In 3000 BC Chinese people starting to stain their nails with beeswax, gelatin, gum Arabic, and egg white.The Chinese people used the color for representing social class.the royals class people wore silver and gold,shortly royals people wore red and black and bright colors not allowed for lower class people.

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Cosmetics history in Japan very old history, beauty has long been connected with a light skin tone.The Japans ladies decorated their face by a white powder its called Oshiroi.White facial color sustained to position as a sign of beauty.

In 1500BC The Japanese, geisha wore lipstick make of safflower petals in order to coloring their eyebrows as well as the coloring lips in red. The Japanese people known as “bastard saffron”

This is the part 3 story of cosmetics.Every presents have a past & end with a song…

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