You’re damned if girlfriend do and also damned if friend don’t. The 21st birthday dragon has pertained to rear its fiery head, and also his following target is you. So exactly how does one storage this age-old job of drunken debauchery? Think about it. Your #squad is hotter than the Kardashians and also your sign is a glittery cardboard cutout the Channing Tatum’s abs. Nothing sacrifice this oh-so-special day to tradition. Instead, freckles up her evening shocker-style and try these top 21 dares for her barely-legal extravaganza.

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This 21st birthday checklist will make your huge night the adventure the a lifetime.

21. Pull a #ThrowitBack

Best excellent at a Karaoke bar. Take a shot every time who goes old-school Brittany Spears at the mic. Bonus shots if you and your BFFs can still sing in sync come N-Sync after that last mai Thai.

20. Drunk Jenga (or Drunga, if you Will)

Good for home parties. The human who knocks under the tower has to down their drink.

19. Head a Conga Line

This needs no more explanation.

18. “Just carry out It”


For the fitness masochist in her life. Take a shot. Climate take a lap. Repeat till comatose.

17. Volunteer in ~ a Soup Kitchen


Take a night off. Since it’s no all around you.

16. Chopped


Fight to the death in a no-holds-barred-hangover-food-cooking match. Prefer Epic enjoy the meal Time but with more bourbon. Friend judge and the loser downs his or her drink (Bonus: You’ll have a ton the leftovers because that the following day).

15. The Buzzfeed try Guys Challenge


Grab your three closest buds and also ask random bar-goers for challenge ideas. Complete the first one you all agree on.

14. Selfie with Your Uber Driver


He totally won’t be expecting it.

13. The Fireball challenge (Adult Version)


Do you favor cinnamon an ext than any sane human being should? try this cap on because that size. Take 6 Fireball shots. 3 without the candy and also three with. Or all six if she real.

12. Lengthy Island Surprise


Great bar game: Order three iced teas (two virgin), switch them around and have the date of birth girl try to determine the spiked one. If she chooses correctly, she gets to pick any type of member that the party come chug. If not, the birthday girl has actually to.

11. Magic Mike


Find a male named Mike. Dance with him. Lie to her kids about how girlfriend met.

10. Yodel in a crowded Bar


Do it for the Vine. Or that man who might or may not be her ex. Regardless, placed on a show. Choose Beyonce, you flawless. #Werkbitch.

9. Dance on a Table


This is the someday a year you acquire to be a cliché.

8. The Liz Lemon Challenge


Yes to continuing to be in more. Eat cheese and also be in bed through ten.

7. Social Media Blackout


Resist the advice to Snapchat, Instagram, facebook or otherwise paper the night ahead in any kind of way.

6. The Kylo Ren Challenge


Murder the most beloved renegade smooth–talker in cinematic history.

5. No-Hands Shot


Firmly master it in her jaw.

4. The Drake


Find the nearest guy in Timberlands. Tell the it’s it s okay to cry.

3. Oscar Night


Take a shot because that every celebrity look-a-like girlfriend come across. An alert as the night go on, much more and more people start looking favor Zack Galifianakis. Most typically referred to as the “Galifianakis Effect,” the increase in size of the alcohol spend is straight proportional to the boost in weird shit emerging by coincidence.

2. Food Fight


Get a hottie come cake you.

1. “Say No More”


Don a wig the entirety night. Or actually reduced your hair (recommended prior to the drinking begins).

You’ll require a trendy tee to acquire through that 21st date of birth checklist.



College newspaper does not assistance underage drinking. You re welcome drink responsibly.

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