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No 265 is no worth the imo. Go up to at the very least 285, friend will enjoy it much much more and no regret it nearly immediately after you do so with the smaller tires. 265 is yes, really not thought about an update over the share 255.
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Agreed. Stick v 265 for your explained needs. It"s the dimension I"m walk to too when i get new tires for the same reasons. 285"s is too much hit on fuel mileage and also DD usability. The 265 Duratracs are virtually identical in overall dimensions to the stock SRAs.
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No 265 is no worth that imo. Go approximately at least 285, you will gain it much more and no regret it almost immediately ~ you perform so v the smaller sized tires. 265 is really not considered an upgrade over the stock 255.
idk OP... I"m with ESP on this one. Something a little meatier can give you the look you"re after and still perform good on road. :thumb: ns guess it just depends on your preference. If you"re searching for opinions... That"d it is in mine. A little much more meat, together ESP claimed - friend won"t regret the stance later on!
either way... An excellent luck!
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Thanks men - I tend to agree that the 285s look an excellent but probably too much rubber because that my needs. Yesterday i was walking approximately several big-box parking too many squinting in ~ every JK"s tires to check out off the size. Obtained some funny looks. Anyone have actually a great reason to walk for the 255"s end the 265"s?
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Looks great. Tire computer system I to be using states 265 functions w/ 7.5-10" rims. Ns agree though that a bit narrower rim than 9" might be far better w/ 265. Artillery"s room expensive too, therefore not set in rock yet.
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