Main event winner Jorge Masvidal described how he finished up in a fist fight through Leon Edwards complying with their bouts.

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over the last six months, the UFC has actually seen a disturbing climb in the variety of outside the cage altercations walking down between its fighters. The start of in march saw brand-new welterweight champ Kamaru Usman and also Colby Covington shoving and swinging their method through a overfilled Palms Casino buffet line.

And simply two weeks later on we have actually yet one more incident at UFC struggle Night 147: “Till vs. Masvidal” in London, England.


Video! Masvidal, Edwards trade Punches Backstage adhering to UFC London Highlights! ‘Gamebred’ Floors Till v One-Punch KO

So what happened? Jorge Masvidal to be being interviewed backstage adhering to his success over Darren it spins (watch the brutal knockout here) when Leon Edwards gone into the same area. Masvidal automatically made a beeline towards the brother welterweight fighter, and also when they got too close Masvidal exploded through a flurry the punches that landed on Edwards.

Here’s a longer two minute clip the the incident care of ESPN:

Dana White has responded not by blaming Masvidal, but negative organization top top the part of UFC. As for Jorge, he explained his side of the case with ESPN.

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”I’m doing mine interview and also this hooligan come by saying part stuff, choose ‘July, obtain your ass kicked in July, July!’” Masvidal said. “I go ‘Maybe bro, whatever, because maybe ns wanna kick her ass in April. Maybe I don’t wanna wait till July. Maybe I don’t desire to fight friend in a compensation ring due to the fact that you’re not worth the maintain camp, I’ll simply fight friend here since you’re a scrub.’ girlfriend know?”

”So ns tell the to just say it come my challenge like a man,” the continued. “You’re speak it and also walking away? We’re both men, and as ns walking come him I obtained my hands behind my ago to signal to him that I’m not searching for problems. Yet he placed his hands up favor this and also he walks towards me. Fine ... Wherein I’m native if you perform that you’re walk to punch me in the face and that’s no going come happen.”

”You are what friend are, you’re simply a loser in life, man,” Masvidal finished. “You’re no going to obtain a hit off on me. So I had to give him the three item with the soda and then simply glide the end of there, friend know? and also then few of his friend tried to sucker punch me, those guys did a large mistake.”

We’ll see how much the a failure it to be for Masvidal to acquire sucked right into the extracurricular activities. UFC simply awarded the $100,000 in bonuses for his work-related at UFC: London. Now the big question is even if it is he’ll gain to keep it.