That"s right! Rachael Ray’s OG series, 30 Minute Meals, is BACK! starting April 1 at 12|11c, Rachael will organize 30 brand-new episodes that 30 Minute Meals in 30 work — one every day in the month of April.

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Unlike previous seasons of 30 Minute Meals, this batch will certainly kick off with a premiere simulcast throughout linear, TVE and also Facebook. Fans can tune in and log on to clock Rachael offer up she signature style of can-do dishes and also time-saving tricks, beginning with an easy recipe for chicken patty parm meatballs, which she’s making in the very first episode. She knows just the trick because that putting brand-new spins top top family-friendly meals; in various other episodes she’ll do breakfast for dinner, cast-iron skillet pizza and also the quickest pot pie you’ve ever had.

Want very early look at those to come on this season of 30 Minute Meals? us too! great news: The first five episodes will be available starting Friday, march 29 on Food Network’s TV almost everywhere platform and also the Food Network app. And also over ~ above Food Network’s on facebook page, you can watch select episodes (with no commercials!) in real time top top April 1, April 8, April 15 and also April 22.

After filming the new season of 30 Minute Meals in the love of Brooklyn, Rachael is collection to dish on the restaurants she loves most in the borough ~ above the brand-new digital companion collection Rachael’s finest of Brooklyn. Starting March 29 and airing every Friday top top, this collection will attribute Rachael as she introduces united state to a new eatery in Brooklyn and also highlight the dishes and also chefs that make every spot special. Look the end for an over-the-top polenta table in ~ Food Network Star winner Christian Petroni’s Fortina restaurant, and a dine-in movie theater with means more than just popcorn ~ above the menu, among other must-know destinations in Brooklyn.

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To fans watching at home: Rachael has actually a jam-packed season that 30 Minute Meals planned for you, and also now over there are an ext ways than ever before to watch, learn and also interact v her. Get ready for loads of how-tos, step-by-step explanations and all the friendly chatter you know and also love indigenous Rachael together she share crowd-pleasing plates work after day. One more thing: go ahead and set the timer, because every one of Rachael’s go-to recipes will be ~ above the table in 30 minutes or less.


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