Sometimes you have actually a factor to reclaim a mailbox indigenous back-up, because it was deleted by failure or a former employee is rental again. Yet after restoring the mailbox, several (internal) users room not able come send email to the revitalized mailbox and receive one error message like: distribution has fail to this recipients or groups. V the error password IMCEAEX #550 5.1.1 RESOLVER.ADR.ExRecipNotFound ##In other Exchange versions the message additionally contains Recipient not found by Exchange legacy encapsulated email resolve lookup.(This article could likewise show up after moving the mailbox to an additional forrest)

The very first thing you probably think the to resolve the issue, is come delete the cached email attend to from Outlook, however that did not fix the error message.

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We just developed a brand-new account, through an old, revived mailbox, maybe we have to restart the multiple sclerosis Exchange active Directory Topology company (or even the Exchange server). In this case, the did not job-related either.

So what is the equipment to this problem!? i was pointed at this blog (credits to the writer of that blog!). It was the very same error password we received, yet not the exact same post (Recipient not uncovered by Exchange tradition encapsulated email resolve lookup is missing from our message) but that makes no difference. It pointed me in the right direction, the LegacyExchangeDN was adjusted since we produced a brand-new account/ revitalized the mailbox and was not connected with the brand-new account.

Exchange internally still offers an X.500 addressing schema. So as soon as an user sends an email internally to the revitalized mailbox, the old X.500 resolve is used and therefor Exchange is no able to deliver the email. The user that send the email receives a Non distribution Report (NDR) with the old ID in the type of a IMCEAEX address.

We are able to rebuild the compelled X.500 attend to based ~ above the received IMCEAEX in the NDR by utilizing a PowerShell script.Copy below PowerShell scipt:

$Direction = Read-Host “Ingrese IMCEAEX”$Remplazo=
("\+2E", "." ))$Remplazo | ForEach $Direccion = $Direccion -replace $_<0>, $_<1> $Direccion = “X500:$Direccion” -replace “IMCEAEX-“,”” -replace “

Click top top the Play button to run the script and it will currently ask girlfriend to get in the IMCEAEX, which you received in the NDR. That starts with IMCEAEX and ends v the domainname. 

Paste the in the PowerShell window and push ENTER. You currently receive the X.500 address.

The last action is to go into the obtained X.500 resolve to the revitalized mailbox. You can do that by opening the user account from ADUC, top top the Attribute Editor tab walk to proxyaddress.

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