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Lab Activities Packet Tracer – trying out Internetworking Devices Packet Tracer – Configure early stage Router Settings Packet Tracer – affix a Router to a LAN Packet Tracer – Troubleshooting Default Gateway Issues Packet Tracer an abilities Integration Challenge

Packet Tracer – attach a Router to a LAN (Answer Version)

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* Packet Tracer – affix a Router come a LAN

Addressing Table


InterfaceIP AddressSubnet Mask

Default Gateway

Part 1: display Router Information

Part 2: Configure Router Interfaces

Part 3: Verify the Configuration


In this activity, you will certainly use assorted show commands to screen the current state that the router. You will certainly then use the Addressing Table to configure router Ethernet interfaces. Finally, you will certainly use regulates to verify and also test your configurations.

Note: The routers in this task are partially configured. Some of the configurations space not covered in this course, yet are noted to help you in making use of verification commands.

Note: The serial interfaces are currently configured and also active. In addition, routing is configured making use of EIGRP. This is excellent so the this activity is (1) continuous with examples presented in the chapter, (2) prepared to administer complete calculation from show commands when the college student configures and activates the Ethernet interfaces.

Part 1: display screen Router Information

Step 1: screen interface info on R1.

Note: Click a an equipment and climate click the CLI tab to access the command line directly. The console password is cisco. The privileged EXEC password is class.

Save the configuration papers on both routers come NVRAM. What command did girlfriend use? copy run start

Part 3: Verify the Configuration

Step 1: usage verification commands to inspect your interface configurations.Use the show ip interface quick command ~ above both R1 and R2 to quickly verify that the interfaces room configured with the correct IP attend to and active.How countless interfaces top top R1 and also R2 room configured through IP addresses and in the “up” and “up” state? 3 on each routerWhat component of the interface configuration is NOT shown in the command output? The subnet maskWhat commands can you use to verify this component of the configuration? show run, present interfaces, display ip protocolsUse the show ip route command top top both R1 and R2 to check out the present routing tables and also answer the adhering to questions:How many connected routes (uses the C code) execute you watch on every router? 3How plenty of EIGRP paths (uses the D code) perform you view on each router? 2If the router knows every the paths in the network, climate the variety of connected routes and dynamically learned paths (EIGRP) need to equal the total number of LANs and also WANs. How numerous LANs and WANs space in the topology? 5Does this number complement the variety of C and also D routes displayed in the routing table? yesNote: If your answer is “no”, then you are absent a compelled configuration. Review the procedures in Part 2.Step 2: test end-to-end connectivity throughout the network.

You have to now have the ability to ping from any PC to any type of other pc on the network. In addition, friend should have the ability to ping the active interfaces on the routers. For example, the adhering to should tests have to be successful:

From the command line on PC1, ping PC4.From the command line on R2, ping PC2.

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Note: for simplicity in this activity, the switches room not configured; you will not be able to ping them.