7 work To die is an open people game filled through zombies and base building features.

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Hence, you’ll require some arrows to protect yourself if girlfriend don’t wish to usage guns.

Here’s how you can craft stole arrows in 7 Days come Die.

How to do iron arrows

Apart indigenous looting iron arrows native the open world, friend can additionally craft them.

To craft an iron arrow, you’ll require the following ingredients:

Iron arrowhead x 1Wood x 1Feather x 1

Wood and also feather are both conveniently obtainable native the wild.

Iron arrowhead deserve to be looted or crafted as presented below.


To handmade an stole arrowhead, you’ll require 2 iron and 1 clay. You additionally need to usage a forge which is equipped v an anvil.

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And that’s how you do iron arrows yourself.

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