This overview will assist the player develop the home of their dreams! Crashing a wood frame block is easy enough in 7 Days come Die but what the video game doesn’t teach girlfriend is just how to update your wood frames to make the walls or floors much more stable. I will go through just how to build wood frames, update them to different levels and include controls because that the PS4 variation of the game and for PC.

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Upgrading hardwood Frames

To upgrade wood frames in 7 Days to Die, equip a tool which you can upgrade with. The most basic one to obtain is the rock axe. With the rock axe equipped, look at the lumber frame and also hold the right-mouse button (Hold L2 top top PS4) to update the wood frame. Girlfriend will need different species on ingredients because that each phase of the block’s upgrade. Because that the first two level you will certainly only require wood. Inspect out more information on upgrade levels below.
When you room holding the right-mouse switch you will view a development bar ~ above the block. This will tell you exactly how long you have actually left to upgrade the block. If you do not have the resources required for the upgrade you will view an indicator in the bottom right of the screen showing which article you need for the following upgrade.

Wooden structure Upgrade Levels and also Materials

The frame does not simply stop in ~ one update level however. You can continue upgrading your hardwood frame numerous different times to increase the lot of hit points lock have. Upgrading the frames will make them able come hold more weight and additionally make that harder because that zombies and also other players to rest them down.

Upgrade 1:

The an initial upgrade for the wood framework places much more wood support over the item. To perform the an initial upgrade because that the frame you will need to have actually 4 devices of wood in your inventory before starting to upgrade.This structure has 225 hit points.

Upgrade 2:

The second upgrade level adds an extra layer of lumber on top of the block. This alters the look at dramatically. This upgrade calls for an extra 4 systems of wood.This frame likewise has 255 fight points making the no stronger than the first upgrade.

Upgrade 3:

The 3rd upgrade for the wood structure block transforms the wood block into a stone one.You will require 10 cobblestone Rocks in bespeak to upgrade the block come the 3rd level.The third upgrade for the wood frame block boosts the hit points dramatically. This block has 1500 hit points.

Upgrade 4:

This next upgrade turns the block indigenous a cobblestone block right into a concrete block.You will need 10 Concrete Mix in bespeak to do this update to her block.This has actually less health and wellness than the cobblestone upgrade with 1250 fight points. This is the final upgrade for the wooden structure block.

As you deserve to see from the photos above, you can upgrade the wooden structure block a total of 4 time in 7 Days come Die. Every level either transforms the watch or to trust of the structure block. Each level will call for a different material except the an initial two upgrade levels i m sorry will just require wood.

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What Tools can You usage to upgrade Blocks in 7 Days come Die?

There room a few different tools that have the right to be provided to update blocks prefer the wood framework block in 7 Days to Die. From simplest to hardest to acquire these incorporate the stone Axe, the claw Hammer and also the Nailgun. These are likewise ranked native worst to finest as well. Return the stone Axe is technically the worst tool to use to update your lumber blocks, that is extremely easy to obtain in the beginning as you deserve to craft one without any prior knowledge or workbenches. In fact, you more than likely won’t also need to usage anything various other than the stone axe as it go the job fairly quickly. If you room planning to create a vast base or fix up among the existing homes in 7 days to dice then ns would indicate finding a Nailgun or at least a nippers Hammer as you deserve to upgrade blocks even faster with this.