It is read as the $a$ plus $b$ times $a$ minus $b$ is equal to the $a$ squared minus $b$ squared.

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Let the 2 literals $a$ and $b$ be two variables.

The addition of them kind a binomial $a+b$.The individually of them kind another binomial $a-b$.

The two binomials space sum and difference basis binomials. The authorized of these 2 binomials in multiplication is a special case in mathematics. Hence, the product of castle is generally dubbed as the distinct product the binomials or the special binomial product in algebra.

$(a+b) imes (a-b)$

The product that the binomials $a+b$ and also $a-b$ is just written in the following kind in mathematics.

$implies$ $(a+b)(a-b)$

The unique product the the binomials $a+b$ and $a-b$ is equal to the distinction of squares the the terms $a$ and $b$.

$,,, herefore,,,,,,$ $(a+b)(a-b)$ $,=,$ $a^2-b^2$

The mathematics equation expresses that the product the sum and difference communication binomials, which contain the exact same terms is same to the distinction of them.

It is supplied as a formula in mathematics. Hence, it is dubbed an algebraic identity.


It is largely used together a formula to leveling an expression when the expression satisfies the adhering to conditions.

The two binomials must be created by the 2 variables.The 2 variables should be associated with opposite indications in the binomials.Verification

Let’s examine this math equation by acquisition some worths for verification. Take $a = 7$ and $b = 3$, and find the values of both sides of the equation.

$(1). ,,,$ $(a+b)(a-b)$ $,=,$ $(7+3)(7-3)$ $,=,$ $10 imes 4$ $,=,$ $40$

$(2). ,,,$ $a^2-b^2$ $,=,$ $(7)^2-(3)^2$ $,=,$ $49-9$ $,=,$ $40$

$,,, herefore ,,,,,,$ $(7+3)(7-3)$ $,=,$ $(7)^2-(3)^2$ $,=,$ $40$

Therefore, we can use this mathematical equation together an algebraic identification in mathematics.


Simplify $(3p+4q)(3p-4q)$

Let us inspect the given expression to know whether we deserve to use $a$ add to $b$ time $a$ minus $b$ formula or not.

$3p$ and also $4q$ space the terms in both binomials in the multiplication.The terms $3p$ and also $4q$ are connected by the opposite indicators plus and minus in the determinants of the multiplication.

The two conditions of $(a+b)(a-b)$ formula space satisfied. So, we have the right to use the formula because that simplifying given algebraic expression.

Take $a = 3p$ and also $b = 4q$ and substitute them in the $a+b$ times $a-b$ formula.

$(a+b)(a-b) ,=, a^2-b^2$

$implies$ $(3p+4q)(3p-4q)$ $,=,$ $(3p)^2-(4q)^2$

$,,, herefore,,,,,,$ $(3p+4q)(3p-4q)$ $,=,$ $9p^2-16q^2$

Thus, we use the $(a+b)(a-b)$ unique binomial product dominion in mathematics.


There room two possible ways to have the $a$ to add $b$ time $a$ minus $b$ formula in mathematics.

Algebraic method

Learn just how to prove the $a$ plus $b$ time $a$ minus $b$ algebraic identification by the multiplication that algebraic expressions.

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Geometric method

Learn how to prove the $a$ to add $b$ time $a$ minus $b$ algebraic law geometrically indigenous the areas of geometric shapes.