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PS4 DNS errors show up when you have internet connectivity problems.You repair connection problems in PS4 by configuring the DNS setups or resettings her system.

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Turn turn off the PS4 console.Disconnect the system from power as well as your router.Leave it in this state for 4 minutes.Boot the PS4 right into Safe Mode.Connect your controller using a trustworthy USB cable.Click top top Option 4 – reclaim Default Settings.

Check if you’re still acquiring the NW-31253-4, NW-31254-5, NW-31250-1, and NW-31246-6 PS4 DNS errors. This method should have actually removed all of them.

Note: To go into Safe Mode, press the power button and also hold the for around 10 seconds.

Don’t worry, this method doesn’t delete your video game data or media files. It just resets your console setups to your default values and fixes the PS4 DNS errors.

Manually configuring the DNS setups is playstation recommended fix for PS4 DNS errors. Therefore, an altering your DNS setups after resetting your console is bound to remove the stroked nerves errors.

Apply the solutions above when your device shows girlfriend the PS4 system error saying that the DNS server can not be used. Through working DNS servers, you’ll be able to accessibility all your PlayStation web services with no issues.

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If the noted solutions fail come clear this errors, as well as the Pdanet PS4DNS error once tethering with your mobile, friend can call support. Visit the PlayStation support website and also follow your instructions.