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A SENTENCE FRAGMENT stops working to it is in a sentence in the sense that that cannot stand by itself. The does no contain also one elevation clause. There room several reasons why a group of words may seem come act choose a sentence but not have the wherewithal to make it together a complete thought.

It may locate something in time and also place through a prepositional phrase or a series of together phrases, but it"s still lacking a suitable subject-verb relationship within an live independence clause: In Japan, during the critical war and just prior to the armistice. This sentence perfect a good deal in regards to placing the reader in time and place, yet there is no subject, no verb.

It explains something, but there is no subject-verb relationship: Working much into the night in an initiative to salvage her small boat. This is a verbal expression that wants to change something, the genuine subject of the sentence (about to come up), probably the she who was functioning so hard.

It may have actually most the the makings the a sentence yet still be missing crucial part of a verb string: Some the the students functioning in Professor Espinoza"s activities last semester. Remember the an -ing verb kind without an auxiliary kind to accompany it have the right to never it is in a verb.

It may even have a subject-verb relationship, but it has been subordinated to an additional idea through a dependence word and also so cannot stand by itself: even though he had the far better arguments and was by far the more powerful speaker. This sentence fragment has a subject, he, and also two verbs, had and also was, however it cannot was standing by itself because of the dependent indigenous (subordinating conjunction) also though. We require an independent i to follow up this dependence clause: . . . The more powerful speaker, he shed the case because he didn"t recognize the jury.

Stylistic Fragments

There space occasions as soon as a sentence fragment deserve to be stylistically effective, precisely what girlfriend want and no more.

Harrison Ford has said he would certainly be an ext than willing to take on another Indiana Jones project. In a brand-new York minute.

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As long as friend are clearly in control of the situation, this is permissible, however the liberty to exercise this stylistic license counts on the circumstances. Maybe your final research file in English ingredient is not the location to experiment -- or, climate again, perhaps it is. Ask your instructor.