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Mary wants to buy a brand-new skirt. That was initially $30, however is significant 20% off. She also received a coupon because that 15% off the sale price. Exactly how much will certainly Mary pay for the skirt?


20% off method that the new price of the skirt will certainly be 80% of the original price:

$30(100% – 20%) = $30(80%)

Converting the percent to a decimal gives:

$30(0.8) = $24.00

There is second 15% off the sale price the $24.00, for this reason the last price is 85% the the revenue price:

$24(100% – 15%) = $24(85%)

Again converting the percent to a decimal gives:

$24(0.85) = $20.40

A tablet computer computer listed at an initial price that $250 is inserted on sale because that 20% turn off the original price. Bob, an employee that the store, gets an additional 30% off the revenue price. What price would certainly Bob salary to purchase the tablet computer computer?




Take the initial price and take off 20% = $250(1 - .2) = $250(.8) = $200

Then take off another 30% $200(1 - .3) = $140




The manager of a department store chose to advanced the price of a certain pair of pair of shoes by 30%. The next day, the keep ran a revenue of 20% off all items. What is the distinction in price, in percentage terms, between the initial price of the shoes and also the sale price?



To uncover the price after the early 30% rise by the manager, you should multiply the original price through 1.3. Then, to find the price after ~ the 20% turn off sale, you should multiply the new price by 0.8. The initial price, therefore, is gift multiplied by 1.3*0.8 = 1.04, indicating a 4% in its entirety increase.

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A shirts is initially priced in ~ $54. It is top top sale for 60% off, and Jeff has a coupon for second 15% turn off the lessened price. What is the final price Jeff pays because that the shirt?


After 60% off, the shirt is significant down to $21.60 (found by: $54 - $54*0.6 = $21.60). Jeff supplies a 15% off coupon, knocking the price under to $18.36 ( discovered by: $21.60 - $21.60*0.15 = $18.36). 

A video clip game console through a perform price of $500 is marked down 20%. If Katie gets an employee discount of 10% turn off the revenue price, just how much go she pay because that the video game console?


First uncover the sale price. Main point the perform price through .2 and subtract that from the list price. 500 – 500 * .2 = 500 – 100 = 400. Currently take the employee discount from the new price, 400 – 400 * .1 = 400 – 40 = 360, therefore Katie would pay $360 because that the video game console. 

A shirt, originally $50, is on sale because that 20% off. If Andrew has a coupon that takes 15% turn off the diminished price, what does the pay?


The shirts is ~ above sale because that 50 x .8 = $40. If Andrew takes an additional 15% off, he will pay $40 x .85= $34.00


There are two means to job-related this problem. 

The first way is to uncover the lot of the discount and subtract native the initial price: 0.75 * 150 = 22.50, then 150 – 22.50 = 127.50

The second method finds the sales price directly: 100% = % Discount + % Sales Price or 1 – % Discount = % Sales Price

1 – 0.15 = 0.85, for this reason the sales price is 0.85 * 150 = 127.50

Gina wants to acquisition a new television. That was originally $500, however is marked 25% off. She likewise received a coupon because that 10% off the revenue price. How much will certainly Gina pay because that the television?


25% off way that the brand-new price the the tv will be 75% of the initial price:

$500(100% – 25%) = $500(75%)

Converting the percent come a decimal gives:

$500(0.75) = $375.00

There is secondary 10% turn off the sale price of $375.00, for this reason the last price is 90% that the sale price:

$24(100% – 10%) = $375(90%)

Again converting the percent come a decimal gives:

$375(0.9) = $337.50

So, we choose C.

The grocery save is having a revenue on cereal. The sale is 20% off each crate if girlfriend buy 3 box of the same kind and 40% turn off each box if you buy 5 boxes of the very same type. You purchase one box of puffed rice priced at $3.50, three boxes the bran flakes priced in ~ $4.25 and also five box of granola priced at $5.00. What is the total price after the discount is applied.


Puffed rice: 1 box at full price = $3.50

Bran Flakes: 3 boxes in ~ 20% turn off of $4.25 = (3 * 4.25) * 0.20 = (12.75) * 0.20 = $2.55

Cost = $12.75 – $2.55 = $10.20

Granola: 5 in ~ 40% turn off of $5.00 = (5 * 5.00) * 0.40 = (25) * 0.40 = $10.00

Cost = $25.00 – $10.00 = $15.00

Total expense = $3.50 + $10.20 + $15.00 = $28.70

An ecomony vehicle gets 34 miles per gallon. If gas is at this time priced at $3.98 every gallon, exactly how much would the gas price for this car to take trip 400 miles.


The automobile needs to take trip 400 miles so division 400 by 34 to find the variety of gallons required. Climate multiply by the price every gallon to discover the quantity required.


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