Adam Lasher is a top 24 semi-finalist top top American Idol 2016. The optimal 24 because that season 15 were revealed in American Idol spoilers in December via a leaked list from The Idol Pad. This season’s top 24 contestants room an uneven mix of guys and also girls, v 13 female competitors, and also only 11 masculine hopefuls.

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Adam Lasher American Idol Audition (FOX/YouTube)

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Adam Lasher American Idol audition video.

Fans who watched last season of Idol might remember Adam Lasher, who made it through to Hollywood Week, however was eliminated prior to making it with to the following round. Frankly, us think the American Idol judges make a mistake through this guy, and also we are an extremely glad to view him back again for the last season. Also judge take care of Connick Jr. Referred to as him a “superstar” and also we are positive he’ll make it all the way to the finalist round this season.

Adam Lasher is the nephew of musical good Carlos Santana, and the talent reportedly runs strongly in this family! he is not just a beautiful vocalist, but an accomplished all about musician and songwriter. He auditioned for season 14 — through a broken thumb no less! — performing his own initial composition, “These Shoes.” after his audition, Adam told the Los Angeles Times that was relocated to find he had actually inspired fellow sufferers of type 1 diabetes and that helped store him grounded during his an initial run ~ above the series.

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Even despite he is clear screaming v talent, Adam doesn’t rely on just his natural gifts alone. The attended the Berklee university of Music in Boston and also studied guitar and also musical theory, according to the Los Angeles Times. He likewise formed his very own group, the Adam Lasher Band, mix rock, Latin and blues right into a unique sound. As Adam claims on his facebook page, “genres are dead” as soon as it comes to music, and he doesn’t favor to have his music stuck into a set category.

Adam Lasher YouTube Videos

Stay tuned with us here at every season lengthy as we bring you the recent news top top American Idol contestant Adam Lasher. We wish him luck on making the finalist round!