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last year, Adele’s live Grammys performance was notoriously derailed by technical difficulties and also the difficulty of singing live in a sound-rich environment.

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When a comparable fate endangered her this year, however, she wasn’t having it — since the technical difficulties came during her tribute to the so late George Michael.

“I can’t chaos this up because that him,” Adele blurted about a minute right into the tribute, a sluggish rendition that Michael’s track “Fastlove.” Adele’s attempt to reimagine the tune as one Adele-ish torch ballad was waylaid by sound problems comparable to the persons the singer competent at the 2016 Grammys, when she encountered a glitchy sound feed, a faulty microphone, and audibly out-of-tune piano keys.

But the chanteuse clearly wasn’t about to let disaster befall she in the center of an emotional tribute come the British pop legend. As Michael’s picture filled the display screen behind her, she walk further and also further off-key until she finally aborted the performance and also demanded come restart the number.

“I can’t perform it again like last year,” she said, apologizing profusely and repeatedly to the audience because that restarting the number — and for swearing summary in a moment censored through CBS. Despite Adele seemed shaken, the audience was supportive, and also after she began over, she turned the cover into a gorgeously moving rendition of one of Michael’s many revealing songs.

Adele’s restarted performance of George Michael’s “Fastlove” earned huge applause in ~ the Grammys.

The crowd responded v a prolonged ovation. Some civilization in the audience cried. Adele cried. You cried.

Grammys hold James Corden had actually prefaced Adele’s tribute by noting the Michael had actually “an incredible capability to do you feel that every little thing you were feeling, you weren’t alone.” Adele’s decision to carry out justice to Michael’s artistry was a reminder of just exactly how much Michael’s death late critical year has influenced us all.

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