A charming and sweet indie romp, “Island Song” is the end-credits song to the fight cartoon show Adventure Time.Small spoiler from the collection finale that Adventure Time below the… check out More 

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Come along with meAnd the butterflies and beesWe can wander through the forestAnd do so together we pleaseCome in addition to meTo a cliff under a treeWhere we have the right to gaze ~ above the waterAs an everlasting dreamAll of mine collectionsI'll share castle all v youMaybe by following summerWe won't have changed our tunesWe'll still desire to beWith the butterflies and also beesMaking up new numbersAnd life so merrilyAll of mine collectionsI'll share lock all through youI'll be right here for girlfriend alwaysAnd always be with you
Come together with meAnd the butterflies and beesWe can wander v the forestAnd perform so together we pleaseLiving therefore merrily
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A charming and also sweet indie romp, “Island Song” is the end-credits tune to the hit cartoon show Adventure Time.

Small spoiler native the series finale of Adventure Time listed below the cut

The track that plays in ~ the finish of Adventure Time illustration is one version of 3 of the basically the very same song. The second version is essentially the same except a tiny lyric change, if the 3rd is quite different and comes native Ashley Eriksson’s band, LAKE, and is referred to as “Christmas Island”.

The song’s very first line, “Come in addition to me”, offered as the title of the show’s last episode. At the end of stated episode, when remarking ~ above the power of music, the Music Hole began to sing the song, saying that it was:

About a really certain feeling that’s hard to describe

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Adventure Time: Come in addition to Me (Original Soundtrack) (2018)
Adventure Time
Island tune (Come along with Me)
Written By
Ashley Eriksson
Release Date
September 4, 2018
Sampled In
Flowventure Time by Baka Jake (Ft. P22ris)
Remix Of
Christmas Island by LAKE (Band)
Remixed By
Falu Island (Island Song) by Ashfawks

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