you will check out a class created. The name of the layer will certainly be based on the color you determined for her solid.

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You can:

Rename the layer by right-clicking top top it and also choosing Rename.

Hide the layer by clicking on the Eye symbol

Lock the layer by clicking on the Lock symbol.


Red bar will show up in the timeline component of the panel.

By default - it spans for the whole composition term (in our case: 5 sec.). That means that the solid will certainly be visible from begin to finish.


To readjust the visibility of her solid:

Drag the moment Indicator to 1 second mark. This will specify the begin of this solid"s presence.


Drag the red bar come the best until it breaks to the time Indicator.

You could, technically, do so without relocating the Time Indicator, but this strategy makes it more accurate.

Now, if friend play your video clip - the display screen will be empty for the first second. Climate the solid will appear.


To end the solid"s performance - drag the time Indicator to the 4 sec. Mark.


Then traction the red bar it spins it snaps to the time Indicator.

This is what your timeline need to look like.



Play the composition to preview your video.

Use Preview dashboard or just hit the spacebar (hit again come stop).


When shape layer is created -ithas a content choice - you can add a form or a team of shapes.

Shape layer has standard change options.


When solid layer is developed - it creates a solid shade rectangle with identified dimensions.

The hard layer has actually standard transform options.


Shape is created by using among the form Tools.

Each shape has actually multiple illustration options: fills, strokes, effects, gradients, etc.


Shape is produced when mask is added to the layer, revealing a wanted shape.

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Solid "shape" go not have actually an alternative to adjust color, add strokes, gradients, etc.