In the 6th season the the horror anthology series American fear Story: Roanoke, the story take it on an all-new format as a season split in two. The first half mirrors a paranormal documentary called My Roanoke Nightmare special a married couple recounting their time living in a colonial house in north Carolina, close to the website of the lost colony of Roanoke. Through interviews and also reenactments, they define experiencing weird events, including having actually a lot of world with weapons and torches storm the house.

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As the very first half that the season adheres to the "show within a show," the second half follows the couple from the documentary and also the reenactment actors together they venture ago to the creepy home to experience the horror for themselves. They come face to confront with the real versions the the characters they play. And just like any season of American fear Story, that goes bad very quickly. The main antagonist that the season is a woman just referred to together The Butcher. In the first half the the season, Kathy Bates dram an actress called Agnes mar Winstead, who portrays The Butcher in the reenactments. She it s okay a small too right into the character, turning murderous ~ she"s provided a restraining order native the cast and also crew.

While that"s scary enough, it gets worse as soon as you watch The genuine Butcher. In addition to the acts the she commits, part of what makes her therefore scary is her appearance. With makeup, prosthetics, and a good performance, the personality comes across as a horrific, murderous, cleaver-wielding ghost that even the bravest people wouldn"t desire to cross. However what does the actress that plays The real Butcher look prefer under every that? You"d it is in surprised.

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Unlike the genuine Butcher, actress Susan Berger stays a normal, relaxed life. She"s been exhilaration for almost 40 years, v her an initial job gift a guest function in the initial Hawaii Five-O television collection in 1973. Since then, she"s had guest roles in Hannah Montana, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Grey"s Anatomy, This Is Us, and more. She to be married to gibbs Barry Corbin, that some can recognize together Coach Whitey native One Tree Hill or Merle Tucker indigenous Modern Family, for almost two decades until their divorce in 1993. 

Thankfully, Berger has nothing in typical with she character in American fear Story: Roanoke. In the story, The real Butcher is the mam of the branch of the Roanoke Colony. While her husband is away on a it is provided run, she is exiled and left in the woods come starve. A witch named Scáthach frees she in exchange for her soul, and also thus The real Butcher is born, return to her mutinous colony and also slaughtering virtually everyone. End the years, The real Butcher continues to sacrifice anything and also everything come Scáthach, prior to meeting her very own end. She then continues the job in the afterlife every Blood Moon, luring people to the woods and killing them. 

Without all the makeup and also costuming the she attract in American fear Story: Roanoke, Berger is pretty difficult to recognize. Regardless of that, her memorable revolve as The genuine Butcher continues to stoke fear in viewers" hearts. Hopefully Berger will go back to the fear genre someday soon. Who knows? possibly she"ll also come ago in the following season the American horror Story.