Do girlfriend ever notification your waiting conditioner begin to malfunction when you are at a stoplight or just sitting still? This can be among the most inconvenient problems due to the fact that nobody enjoys sitting in a warm vehicle. Occasionally the A/C works, however only when the automobile is driving down the road. If this is happening come you, there room several possible reasons and solutions you have to consider. We have done the research and also compiled a list of potential problems.

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Reasons your air air conditioning is just working when driving incorporate –

A/C Condenser FanA/C Condenser BlockageA/C CompressorLow Coolant/Freon level

Keep reading below as we breakdown each of these potential issues and answer various other related questions.

Possible air Conditioner Problems

The A/C is responsible because that what temperature your car’s cabin is and also what keeps it there. The A/C is composed of the condenser, compressor, evaporator, dryer, and thermal expansion valve. This method that 3 items indigenous the list above fall right into the classification of parts that comprise the wait conditioner: the A/C condenser fan, feasible condenser blockage, and the A/C compressor.

A/C Condenser Fan

The A/C condenser fan’s task is to store the A/C mechanism cool so that it operation efficiently. If the is not working correctly, then there deserve to be countless issues. One of the troubles may be the your A/C device cannot store the cabin at the temperature you want. This can include when your car is sitting still due to the fact that the airflow will be at its worst as soon as the car is not moving.

This will certainly likely reason your waiting to readjust temperatures rapidly as soon as your struggling condenser fan is no longer receiving any aid from the wind you experience when driving under the highway.

A/C Condenser Blockage

If the pan is not the problem, then there may be an outside source causing the problem. The condenser look at a lot favor a vent on the prior of a vehicle. If the condenser is clogged or blocked, then the A/C system absolutely will not operate properly. Luckily, this might be an less complicated fix 보다 the various other problems because it could just involve cleaning out everything is resulting in the blockage.

In this case, you might also an alert the A/C device working poorly when the automobile is stopped due to the fact that this is once there is the the very least amount of airflow.

A/C Compressor

The A/C compressor is the central part of the waiting conditioner in a vehicle. Over there are countless problems within it the could reason the entirety system to break down when the vehicle is stopped. The compressor is wherein the coils room that cool under the air being pumped right into the cabin. If the coils room not cold or call for the engine to job-related harder to cool castle down, climate they might not be as cold as soon as your car is sit still.

This is one of the an initial places a mechanic should inspect when there are problems with the A/C system.

What are The symptom Of A negative A/C Condenser?

One the the most usual symptoms of a negative A/C condenser is a auto overheating as soon as it is idling. The automobile may be able to keep native overheating as soon as moving because of airflow, yet when that is stopped, it is most likely to make the trouble worse.

This may also cause the A/C wait going come the cabin to warmth up together the coils inside space unable to continue to be cold. Warm cabin waiting can likewise because the pan is broken and not enabling the coils to it is in cooled down.

What room The symptom Of A poor A/C Compressor?

Warm air deserve to be a major symptom of a negative A/C compressor. This is because it is no able to regulate the refrigerant required to cool down the air. Friend may notice the vehicle being most affected when stopped, as the engine is not working as hard, and also there is no airflow from driving under the highway.

The other symptom the a poor A/C compressor is a loud noise coming from the compressor. Over there is not a details noise you must listen for, together there can be any number of sounds comes from a compressor since there are countless parts to it.

You will be able to tell if that is comes from the compressor or not by transforming the A/C on and also off to check out if the noise is just being made when the A/C is on.

Low Coolant Level


Coolant is meant to help maintain her engine’s temperatures. This means if the is cold outside, the refrigerant will help the engine stay at an appropriate warmer temperature. If the is sweltering outdoors, then the coolant will assist keep the engine in ~ the desired temperature without overheating.

When coolant levels room low, this function no much longer works properly. This will reason your A/C system likewise to quit functioning as it relies on coolant to operation properly. Relying on your weather conditions, the difficulty can it is in exaggerated when your car is idling or stopped.

Why Does my A/C gain Warm at Idle?

Your A/C is likely gaining warm once idling because the refrigerant circulation is slower 보다 it is once moving. The same concern can arise v the cooling fan, together it might not be acquiring the same amount the airflow as soon as the vehicle is stopped.

There may additionally be a leak in the refrigerant system, and this would cause your cabin air no to work properly. You also want to inspect for something that may have gained into the air problem system as there may be something prevent the waiting from being cooled off or getting to the cabin.

Where have the right to I gain My Car’s A/C Tested?

Most neighborhood auto shop or shops will certainly not only be able to test your car’s A/C, however they will do it for free. All you need to do is call stores or mechanics and also ask if castle will be able to test her A/C system and how lot it will certainly cost. This is a typical practice because, fortunately, the experimentation is the cheapest part.

Pep boys is a well-known place to get your A/C tested because they will execute it at no price to you. All you need to do is call and also make an appointment, and they will have the ability to do every the occupational and much more than likely give you a diagnosis if the trouble is through the A/C.

If you do not have actually a Pep boys in her area, call approximately to comparable shops.

How much Does It expense To fix My Car’s A/C?

This entirely depends top top what is wrong with your A/C system, to start with. If you need to replace your whole compressor, then you can expect to pay almost everywhere from $200 come $800 relying on what automobile you own and where you take it it.

If the difficulty is her condenser fan, you can pay $300 come $500. These are few of the most typical repairs, but if you require much an ext extensive repairs, girlfriend may end up payment in the thousands. However, these repairs are uncommon.

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Smaller replacements like hoses or sensors might run under $300 if you can uncover a an excellent deal.



All in all, fixing your car’s A/C have the right to be a large hassle and also can an outcome in having to salary a pair of hundred dollars or a pair thousand relying on the problem. We constantly recommend taking your vehicle to a professional so they deserve to accurately diagnose your car and fix it fine the first time there is no causing any kind of other issues. If you are experiencing problems with her A/C, it may end up being something small, however it could likewise be a symptom the a much larger issue. Execute not wait to have actually your vehicle checked out, because that the security of yourself, others, and your wallet!