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every one of a sudden my heart singsWhen ns remember little things;The method you dance and hold me tight,The method you kiss and say goodnight.The crazy things we say and do,The funny it is to be with you,The magic thrill that"s in her touch,Oh darling, ns love friend so much!The secret way you press my handTo allow me recognize you understand.The wind and rain on girlfriend face,The breathless civilization of her embrace.Your tiny laugh and half surprise,The starlight gleaming in her eyes;Remembering every these little things,All that a sudden my love sings.Your little laugh and fifty percent surprise,The starlight gleaming in her eyes;Remembering all these tiny things,All of a sudden my love sings.
(All of A Sudden) My heart Sings text © Warner Chappell Music, Inc., nobility Solutions Corp, HELENE BLUE MUSIQUE LTD
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