Every nursing college student (or someone thinking around becoming a nurse) in ~ some point or one more is going come ask themself this concern “am i smart enough to end up being a nurse and also go to nursing school?”

Rest assured, you’re not the just one questioning this question, and in this article, I’m going to encourage you and assist you obtain to the answer.

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Am ns Smart enough to be a Nurse?Here's how to obtain Into parenting School

Am i Smart sufficient to it is in a Nurse?

You room smart sufficient to go to nursing school and to become a nurse, yet that’s not what will bring about your success. You’ll find that the road to coming to be a nurse is around dedication and perseverance and also how negative you desire it. That will result in your success, not just how smart you are.

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This quiz is based on the quiz ns did because that the article“Should You walk to nursing School?” together always, quizzes choose this are an alleged to it is in a starting point and a method to stimulate conversation and discussion.

How hard is that to become a Nurse?

Keep analysis Until the End. It will certainly Look favor I’m Discouraging You, but it gets Better!

The first thing you must remember is the the road to becoming a nurse is difficult. A nursing degree is more difficult to get than many other degrees. The nursing prerequisites you have to take, together as human anatomy and also human physiology, room hard.

Some parenting programs pressure you to take it entrance exams choose the TEAS Exam, and some program will provide you a lot of hoops to run through, prefer interviews and essays.

All of that makes obtaining into nursing college difficult, yet it doesn’t stop there.

Once you get into parenting school, the doesn’t permit up. You’ll have assignment after assignment. You’ll have actually clinical after clinical. You’ll have actually exam after ~ exam. You’ll struggle just trying to uncover time for whatever you need to do and what you want to do, prefer hanging out with friends, family, or your significant other.

Yet, even after whatever I’ve said. After all of that, I’m telling you…YOU are SMART ENOUGH!

Here’s the truth. Certainly, while you do should comprehend the material, and I’m sure a small portion of college student will struggle to carry out that, i don’t think that’s what gets students.

Nope, what it s okay students is the lack of an ideas to save running the marathon.

What You must Be successful in nursing School


For reference, when looking nationwide at all 2-year and 4-year undergraduate programs, the number is only around 60% and also 70% (respectively).

Does the mean ending up being a nurse is going to be easy? No, no really. Ns think that does typical that ending up being a nurse is probably not as tough as friend think that is.

Find nursing Programs

Search our college database to discover schools and also get details on the program that’s ideal for you. (Don’t worry, it’s fast and also free!)

Here’s exactly how to acquire Into education School

If you’re thinking around becoming a nurse, here’s the very first thing you should do. You need to go here to start trying to find nursing programs.

This is important because you require to contact a school you’re interested in come speak with one of their academic advisors, therefore you can start discovering what you need to do to have the best chance of getting into the program.

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After that, inspect out few of these short articles so you can start learning much more about what being a nursing student will certainly be like. Also, examine out few of the other short articles on this website to learn an ext about gift a nurse.