"You"re dripping wet under here... Is the pat-down turning you on?" It"s no as if Hina desires to come, yet her body just does it on the own... She"s walk crazy... Hina is locked up in jail after being framed because that a crime she didn"t commit. There, the cold and also cruel warden, Aki Myojin, awaits her and dominates her... At the mercy the his fragile touch and also ravishing tongue, she"s nothing yet his plaything... In the check room, her cell, and also even in the visiting room, with her lover there... Little by bit, she body is disciplined to become dirtier and dirtier... "Someone help! ns don"t wanna come any more...!"

Reserved Shizuka attends a regional mixer party yet has trouble adjusting come the atmosphere. A beautiful enlarge female university student named Ryou starts talking to her, and also the pair hit the off. Shizuka goes to spend the night in ~ Ryou"s place. However, Ryou unexpectedly kisses Shizuka and pushes she down. Shizuka think the beautiful woman is a lesbian yet soon discovers that Ryou is actually a guy dressed together a woman.

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TagsJoseiRomanceAdult CouplesCrossdressingMature RomanceShort EpisodesSmutExplicit SexMature ThemesOmiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyoki na, Mondaiji.TV (12 eps)Seven2017

Late-blooming teacher Nana Saigawa goes to a matchmaker appointment only to find herself paired v a problem child student called Souji Kuga.

TagsJoseiRomanceShort EpisodesSmutStudent-Teacher RelationshipExplicit SexMature ThemesOn a Lustful Night Mingling through a PriestTV (12 eps)Seven2017

A mrs reunites through her very first love at a course reunion. She discovers the Kujou has actually taken over his family"s holy place as a priest. The woman assumed that priests did not have romantic relationships, however a enthusiasm ignites in between the two. She marvels if what she and also the priest perform is really right.

TagsJoseiRomanceAdult CouplesMature RomanceShort EpisodesSmutExplicit SexMature Themes25-sai no JoshikouseiTV (12 eps)Lyrics2018

Hana Natori is an earnest, good-natured 25-year-old woman whose cousin refuses to walk to high school. Hana takes her cousin"s place and attends the high school. ~ above her first day, though, Hana"s ruse is uncovered by her former high college classmate Okito Kanie — who happens to it is in the high school"s world background teacher.

TagsJoseiAdult CouplesMature RomanceSchool LifeShort EpisodesSmutExplicit SexMature ThemesYubisaki kara Honki no Netsujou 2: Koibito wa ShouboushiTV (8 eps)Studio Houkiboshi2021

Ryo and also Souma are lastly a happy couple. Their days space filled v love... Till Ryo"s ex-boyfriend reflects up at her workplace!

TagsJoseiRomanceFirefightersShort EpisodesSmutExplicit SexQueen"s Blade: Vanquished monarchs SpecialsDVD distinct (4 eps)Hoods Entertainment2013 - 2014
TagsEcchiFantasyBorderline HPiratesEmotional AbuseExplicit SexMature ThemesPhysical Abuse3-byou Ato, Yajuu. Goukon de Suma ni Ita Kare wa Midara na Nikushoku DeshitaTV

FollowsTsumugi, a female college student that carries trauma indigenous an aggressive man in she past. She meets Kaname in ~ a mixer she requested specifically for unaggressive "herbivore"-type men. She and Kaname hit that off, and also Kaname each other Tsumugi"s older brother a tiny bit, therefore she relaxes her guard about him. Kaname, however, feigns to be a "herbivore"-type man, but is in reality an wild "carnivore"-type man, and he can readjust his demeanor in one instant.

M (Rie ARAI)Vol: 7; Ch: 36Web Spica2005

The male and also female leads have been unable to have sex for years due to the fact that of traumas suffered as soon as they to be younger: the guy at the hand of a teacher, and also the girl in ~ the hand of a relative. Currently these 2 have discovered each other and also are attracted to every other, but because of their pasts both have trouble finding a way to consummate the relationship.

After snatching a bag, january finds self being thrown into jail - the bag was complete of drugs! Jan quickly becomes an providing to the “Blond Demon” Louis!

TagsBLYaoiCollectionsPrisonSupernaturalExplicit SexMature ThemesPhysical AbuseMy Younger boyfriend Is being UnreasonableVol: 1; Ch: 7Love Coffre Jewelry2017 - 2018

Lise moves right into a two-bedroom apartment she"s an alleged to share through her boyfriend, except he breaks up through her there is no warning. Furthermore, her ex bring an attractive guy, Subaru, to the apartment and also asks her to watch after him! Subaru"s younger, but he can cook and also he listens to all her problems. He speak her the he wants to do her feel much better because she provides too lot of she time and energy come both her work and her ex... Lise enjoy it Subaru"s request. She melts under his lips that very closely travel she body and his soft touches... The next day, she gets a phone call from she ex warning her about Subaru... That is this guy!?

The everyday life of college student Yuri take away a suddenly turn once her father is affiliated in a fraud scandal in ~ a large enterprise, the Kagami Group, where he serves as a ar chief. The company president, Yousuke Kagami, finds out about the incident and promises no to publicize it, under one condition: Yuri has actually to come to his home to job-related as his "private servant"...!!

TagsDramaJoseiBlackmailCEOsSmutStockholm SyndromeExplicit SexMature ThemesPhysical AbuseThe Island of No Return: psychological by LustVol: 1; Ch: 42013

Investigative reporter Izumi ventures to a mysterious commune because that a scoop ~ above why visitors there never want come return home. After gift begrudgingly enabled to stay there because that a solitary night, she gets she scoop and then some. Is the commune prepared to permit its an enig be well-known to the rest of the world...?

Kaede conserves Azusa, one omega that was being bullied, and moves to an additional city appropriate after. Numerous years later, they accomplish again and Azusa claims that he wants to salary him back and the he"ll do anything if Kaede provides him a chance. Fortunately or unfortunately, playboy Kaede just can"t disapprove such an opportunity of amusement.

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TagsBLDramaYaoiOmegaversePlayboysSchool LifeSmutBullyingEmotional AbuseExplicit SexMature ThemesPhysical AbuseSaitou-kun come 190-cm no Otoko.Ch: 22016

The classic large bad wolf gets topped by a larger & badder wolf. Kouta, a seme who likes cute kind ukes is being targeted by a at sight seme at the bar yet wasn"t able to resist as result of his drunkenness. One different yet hot night ensued.


NO SPOILER review !!!I just watched up till episode 4. The episodes are really short, usually 4 minute each.The story is relatively dull in the 4 episodes ns watched. They appeared to type of monitor one however it"s eh... It"s rather clear the focus is on one point only. Over there is no real develop up to any kind of moments, and hardly any interaction with various other characters. Part moments are rather abrupt and also random as well. Over there is also no character development or motive. Part scenes in the computer animation came turn off a little awkward.The voice exhilaration however, is alright, no bad, however not absolutely amazing, it"s just mediocre.It mostly is a degrading type of watch so just be aware, over there is no cutesy love or romance.Story:She is being accused the stealing, however continues to argue she"s innocent, however doesn"t seem come make an effort to prove the she is.She"s reportedly in love with one more guy but during your visits (ignoring the reality the Warden is also with her in the visitant room law questionable things while somehow not being spotted) it simply doesn"t seem like the woman is yes, really in love through her guy though.Animation:It"s alright, a few scenes it deserve to look a little off but in its entirety it"s fineSound:Sounds alright, decent voice acting, sounds, etc.Characters:The characters are quite personalities, at the very least for me.The women has no actual backstory besides something she briefly says about her parents gift in one accident a if ago, however this doesn"t have anything to do with the current story (doesn"t go any type of further 보다 that in the 4 episodes i watched)The lover has actually no backstoryThe warden has actually a very limited side story type thing, no backstoryOverall:It"s....fine. Definitely not something because that me, yet if this is miscellaneous you"d it is in interested in, offer it a shot! The episodes room rather brief so if you"re just in search of something to binge quick this"ll be quick!