Amber Rose just reminded us why she is one of the most famous models in the world, posting the sexy lingerie photos girlfriend have ever before seen!

Of course, we are an extremely aware the Amber rose is a stunning young lady, however she hasn’t to be posting shots favor this because that the past couple of months on she social media.

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But, the influencer just melted under Instagram v a collection of picture of it s her wearing a cigarette smoking hot set of pink lingerie.

We must share with you what she captioned these blazing photos however it is NSFW!


Fans to be shocked to see Amber sporting a brand-new set that sparkling dots follow me each next of her face, with fans believing she may have acquired some brand-new ink.

“Are this diamonds top top your challenge ? prefer the sparkle things world put on for raves ??? Or tattoos???” one pan wrote.

Another said, “You got more face tatts?”

It shows up the sparklers are simply pressed on confront jewelry the Amber is do the efforts on if under isolation. Bottom line – they look warm so get over it!

“Wow Muva you are amazing,⚡️?? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?” one fan claimed of the photos!

Amber increased made headlines earlier this year after the design tattooed the peak of she forehead through the phrase, “Bash Slash.”

As us reported, Amber stated the correct decision come tattoo her challenge was motivated by the fatality of Kobe Bryant.

At the time, she showed up on ‘One ~ above One v Keyshia Cole’ to define why she chose to ink somewhere like her face. “I don’t want this to sound corny or anything but kinda after Kobe died, it made me reflect on mine life,” she began.

She concluded, “I’ve to be wanting this tattoo because that a long time and also I to be like, ‘You understand what, life is so quick just execute it. Simply live your ideal life.”

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