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Amber Rose"s tweets are usually quite straightforward—Instagram posts, refuting fake news, and also star studded photographs—but ~ above Wednesday things acquired a little weird.

The entrepreneur"s Twitter feed included a pair jabs at Tyga and also Beyoncé Wednesday night, though she cases now she has actually been hacked.

Rose left the 2 tweets in inquiry up because that hours, prior to finally deleting castle Thursday morning. The first attacked Tyga, speak ever due to the fact that he left Blac Chyna, his music had gone downhill. "It"s always been rubbish just an ext than usual," she, or part hacker, tweeted.


Blac Chyna and Tyga"s complex history, and Rose"s friendship v Chyna, doesn"t make this tweet seem also far-fetched. But then, for part reason, Rose determined to come for Beyoncé.

"Hey Beyoncé I gained a secret. Ns am Becky through the short Hair," she, or a feasible hacker (?), wrote, referencing text that show up on Bey"s Lemonade.


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Rose later shared one Instagram video clip which featured controversial radio personality Charlemagne tha God, explaining that two of castle did gain hacked—but, that course, Charlemagne slipped a destruction at Tyga prior to the end of the clip.

In enhancement to the alleged hacking, reports surfaced the her home was damaged into during the day, and an intruder continued to be in her residence for hours.

Safe to say Rose has had better Wednesdays.