Have you ever before looked at your dog or cat and tried to number out what they space thinking? This is dubbed personification. ~ learning about important united state symbols, you will end up being one that the symbols and also share information about the background of the symbol and its importance.

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Show her students symbols such together a heart or a skull and also crossbones. Ask college student to describe what they signs look like and then tell friend what they average (love, toxicity danger, peace).


Ask your course if they can discover or name other symbols in the world roughly them. After ~ students identify a symbol, questioning them to talk around what the symbol way or represents. The score is to get students to know that we usage visual signs to stand for ideas and also communicate these concepts quickly.

Introduce student to crucial symbols in the joined States, such as:

Liberty Bell American flag bald eagle
Washington Monument Statue of Liberty Uncle Sam
Gateway Arch White House Mount Rushmore

Use books, videos, and other resources with your students to assist them determine a selection of ways they have the right to learn brand-new information.

Create a word wall surface to help students identify and learn terms connected to your exploration. Depending upon the period of your learners, your wall surface might encompass words like arch, statue, monument, freedom, and strength.


Read Norman Pearl’s The great Seal of the united States. In this story, Ben Franklin speak the story that the an excellent Seal. After ~ reading, and learning about the an excellent Seal, as well as a bit about the narrator, Benjamin Franklin, ask her students come imagine what the seal could have thought about Ben Franklin and also the process it took to produce the seal.

Assign a us symbol you have studied come each student in your class. Pick symbols you think will certainly be of attention to each unique learner, as well as how easily accessible the details is to every student’s arising reading level.

Have students complete an Empathy Map that mirrors what your symbol sees, hears, thinks, and feels.

When empathy maps are complete, that is time to start telling your story.

Give students document and crayons or a digital tool like Wixie and also ask them to attract a snapshot of the symbol and also write a story about it.

Depending top top the age of your students, you might want to use sentence starters to assistance their writing, together as: “I to be the __________________ (symbol).” “I stand for ___________.” “When civilization see me, lock think the _________.”Refer ago to native you accumulated earlier choose freedom, strength, independence, and also equality.


When work-related is done, celebrate discovering and also take time to solidify and also reflect top top it. If learner have created a single page, display the pages in a US symbols gallery. Print student occupational if friend are producing a gallery in the class or collect them right into a digital gallery on her classroom net page.

If student have created multiple pages, publish their work-related as a booklet they can read ~ above their very own to construct fluency. Tools prefer Wixie have integrated print alternatives to print four pages that a task onto one sheet of paper, make it easy to fold right into a booklet students have the right to read and share v family and classmates.

If you room using Wixie, friend can combine individual student pages with each other to kind a class resource you deserve to print, export to PDF, or embed or on your classroom internet page.

If a college student has contained voice record on your page, share the URL to the online version(s) way viewers deserve to both read and also listen come the story. You can also export the class book as one eBook, therefore students deserve to read and also enjoy on their iPads at home.


Use the materials of every student"s empathy map to have certain conversations through each learner around what your symbol can see, hear, feel and also think. Have a conversation through each student to make certain the details they have discovered is accurate for your symbol and the meaning it portrays.

Free checklist machine at rubric-maker.com

The last stories are good learning artifacts you deserve to use together summative assessments, but the conversations you have during the process will provide a an ext complete photo of your learning. Ask students to describe their writing and illustrations as they space working. Prompt through questions about their story to encourage them come write and also draw much more detailed information.

If girlfriend aren’t face-to-face, take advantage of digital feedback alternatives to motivate and support learners. Each student’s voice narration will offer you insight into dental proficiency and also reading fluency.


Melissa Ann Ferguson. American Symbols: What You have to Know ISBN: 1515781275

Norman Pearl. The good Seal of the united States ISBN: 1404822208

Library of conference - icons of the united States

BrainPOP Jr. - united state Symbols


Common main point State Standards


With prompting and also support, explain the relationship between illustrations and also the text in i m sorry they appear (e.g., what person, place, thing, or idea in the text an illustration depicts).


Distinguish in between information noted by pictures or other illustrations and also information noted by the native in a text.

ISTE requirements for Students

3. Understanding ConstructorStudents critically curate a variety of sources using digital devices to build knowledge, produce an innovative artifacts and make systematic learning experiences for themselves and others. Students:

b. Evaluate the accuracy, perspective, credibility and also relevance of information, media, data or other resources.

c. Curate information from digital sources using a selection of tools and also methods to create collections of artefacts that demonstrate coherent connections or conclusions.

6. An imaginative CommunicatorStudents communicate plainly and express themselves creatively because that a variety of objectives using the platforms, tools, styles, formats and digital media appropriate to their goals. Students:

a. Select the appropriate platforms and also tools for conference the wanted objectives of their creation or communication.

b. Create original functions or responsibly repurpose or remix digital sources into brand-new creations.

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d. Publish or present content that customizes the message and also medium for your intended audiences.