Just two days back, the Selena x MAC makeup participation was launched in Corpus Christi, Texas. As of this morning, the arsenal has officially been offered out digital. Damn.

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We can’t say we’re surprised because Selena is an icon and also fans are ecstatic over the makeup brand’s choice to attract inspiration from the Latina superstar. In reality, the collection was actually inspired by a petition that was created by Selena fan Patty Rodriguez. The petition garnered 40,000 signatures and also Rodriguez urged MAC to carry out a repertoire honoring Selena.

But while we’re not surprised at the popularity, we are bummed that we didn’t get our hands on some. This is method worse than trying to get a Kylie lip kit.

The good news is that MAC’s website says the iconic collection (which is limited edition) will certainly be re-stocked digital. Plus, the repertoire will certainly be obtainable at MAC counters in store on October 6, according to Bustle. If you’re despeprice to obtain your hands on some of the exclusive Selena x MAC commodities, we recommfinish lining up external your regional makeup keep at 8 a.m., because the crazy line that formed exterior the Texas launch proves that Selena fans are hardcore af.

But till then, if you’re searching for a shade that is equivalent to the 3 lipstick colors in the Selena line, here are some extremely comparable shades from the various other makeup brands you love.

Como La Flor


1. Dior Rouge, #844 Trafalgar, $35.

This shade is slightly warmer, however still a perfect bbest red.

2. Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipstick, Hot 305, $8.57.

This shade is slightly more neutral, but through a few layers still provides a bold red.

3. Make Up For Ever Artistic Lip Ink, $40.

This shade is less shimmery and glossy, however almost the specific same shade.


Dreaming Of You


1. Brick, Elizabeth Arden, $24.

This shade is a dupe for Chanel’s Brick, Selena’s favorite lip shade which was disongoing after her fatality.

2. Urban Decay, Hex, $17.

This shade is slightly warmer and darker, yet all at once incredibly equivalent.

3. Maybelline New York, Smoking Red, $5.49.

This shade is darker and warmer, however also super affordable!


Amor Prohibido


1. MAC Cremesheen, Shanghai Spice, $39.99.

This shade is virtually the same, just slightly lighter.

2. Too Faced La Créme Color Drenched Lipstick, Honey Bear, $22.00.

This shade is slightly more shimmery and also slightly darker than the MAC lip color.

3. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, Pink Truffle, $6.45.

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This shade is budgain aware and also just slightly cooler.