69. Ssm A converging lens (f = 12.0 cm) is located 30.0 centimeter to the left the a diverging lens

(f = - 6.00 cm). A postage rubber stamp is put 36.0 centimeter to the left of the converging lens. (a) find the final image that the stamp family member to the diverging lens. (b) discover the in its entirety magnification. (c) Is the last image genuine or virtual? through respect come the original object, is the last image (d) upright or inverted, and also is that (e)larger or smaller?


So through multiple lenses, you uncover the image of the very first lens and make that the object because that the 2nd lens and also then you can uncover the final image.� So first find the image of the left lens.



The object distance for the second lens is found from


Now uncover the second image using this thing distance


The minus sign suggests the second image is virtual and located 4.00 cm to the left the the diverging lens!

Overall magnification is uncovered from


As discussed above, the final image is virtual, it is inverted, and smaller.� We know this native the overall magnification gift � The converging lens creates an reverse image, but the diverging lens does no invert, therefore the last image is inverted v respect come the original object.

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�This way 4.00 cm to left that diverging lens


The final image is virtual, that is inverted, and smaller.�

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