Tuberiding Tigers, power Surfing Mandrills and also Longboarding Wombats - one aquatic alphabet adventure for Old Sea Dogs and Young Pups alike!

Hardcover, 64 pages of full color animal ABC surf stoke.

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Book 2: The Surfing animals Coloring Book

64 thick pagesof black/white illustrations and letters.Perforated pages - Hooray! easily tear the end your fancy pages to display them in all your glory.Same illustrations together the original book + a few bonus ones...

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Sizing: 8x8" (20x20cm)

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Just received my books !I am end the moon dazzling to have actually them.Fantastic drawings and imagination. And the publication cover feels great too !They room a gift because that my Son, that loves surfing, and also my brand new granddaughter (due in June).Thanks for creating such delight !Simona


The greatest children’s book, I had actually to read it before sending off the my brother who’s about to be a dad by far the most epic book and amazing artwork ideal money spent on a publication I practically want one because that my self thanks Jonas. 

Scott H


We are loving your children"s alphabet book and coloring book. In addition to the children"s books, the prints of the wolf in his wetsuit through his sweet tiny soul fish hangs in our room in between our bed and our pup Amos" bed. Everyone loves it. I will be getting one more print for our guest room. The surfing animals remind me the the wild playfulness we can forget throughout our grind. We live in the Pacific Northwest, therefore if you ever before put a billy goat ~ above a board, we"d it is in keen:).Thanks for the amazing work-related you do, us are greatly enjoining the in ours home.

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Casey S


Your artwork has actually inspired a love for animals and also created such an incredible bond between my 2 year old nephew and I! thank you for supplying the amazing artwork and also quality the product that you constantly provide!We are Jonas Claesson fans for life!!

Mariana Eklund


Just desire to permit you understand this has actually now come to be mine and also my fiancées signature gift because that our friends having actually kids.