Snowmen, snowball fights, sledding, building an igloo, eye angels, skiing, and also snowboarding. Snow can be really fun.

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Except once it’s on your driveway.

Let’s confront it – clearing eye is a chore that nobody enjoys, and the older we get, the more difficult it becomes.

That’s as soon as you recognize it’s time come treat you yourself to a snowblower. However which type is best for you?

We’ve currently covered a single-stage vs two-stage eye blower contest.

However, a an excellent many world have to contend with together a vast amount of the white stuff every winter the they require something v a little an ext oomph.

So, let’s placed the big boys to the test in a 2 phase vs 3 stage snow blower match up.

Who will come the end on top? review on to discover out. A buyer’s guide and FAQ section will monitor if friend still need aid with your choice.

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In-Depth Look in ~ 2-Stage VS 3-Stage snow BlowersAdvantages and Disadvantages of EachTwo-Stage VS Three-Stage eye Blower ExamplesThings come Consider before Making the BuyFAQs

Short Answer come Two-Stage vs Three-Stage snow Blower

Before we cave deeper right into the ins and also outs that these two heavyweight snow shifters, for anyone in a rush, this is the short answer.

Both two-stage and also three-stage machines deserve to be used in the same kind of snow conditions, with roughly the same elevation of snowfall.

Where a three-stage model excels, is because that heavier, compacted snow and ice, or just normally for heavier-duty cleanup.

If you feeling you need help to break up the snow before shifting it – climate you should think about a three-stage machine.

In-Depth Look at 2-Stage VS 3-Stage snow Blowers


Just to keep things nice and clear, I’ve contained some advantages and disadvantages listed below – specifically concerned the face-off between two and three-stage eye blowers.

If i’ve missed anything – do let me know.



Two-stage eye blowers space expensive, yet they’re generally cheaper than three-stage versions. If you uncover that you nothing actually require a three-stage, climate you might probably save yourself some cash.

They’re lighter 보다 three-stage models (although still an extremely heavy because that the most part).

You will certainly usually discover that two-stage snow blowers have actually larger clearing heights and widths. They can throw the eye much additional than three-stage versions.


For wet, heavy snow or pack ice, a two-stage snow blower no come close come a three-stage for changing it. If the was the case, there would be no require for a three-stage eye blower in ~ all.



The con for the two-stage eye blower is the pro for the three-stage. Yes sir nothing else favor it because that shifting heavy snow and ice.

Three-stage blowers will most likely come with all the bells and whistles, too. Hand-warmers, hydrostatic transmission, aluminum gearboxes, headlights, zero-turn drive systems…if she going come pay with the sleep you might also get her money’s worth.


Three-stage snow blowers are really expensive. If you’re looking in ~ the best quality expect to pay well over $1000.

Given the they use an ext parts, lock will also need a lot more maintenance over time than two-stage models.

They’re very heavy. Two-stage models aren’t exactly a bag of feather either, but three-stage eye blowers space weighty machines.

The clearance swath of a three-stage snow blower is regularly smaller than a two-stage.



Track-drive snow blowers have the right to come as 2 or three-stage versions, yet they re-publishing one thing in usual – castle shovel snow v the drive power of a tank.

The nature that the track drive method that you have unparalleled control and stability in the harshest the conditions. Uneven terrain is no sweat.


Exorbitantly high-quality for many people.

Unnecessary in metropolitan areas.

It should additionally be listed that for both phase two and also three eye blowers, track drive or otherwise, one of the most far-reaching disadvantages is the slim level that noise when you run them.

These things room not quiet machines – so it is in warned.

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Two-Stage VS Three-Stage snow Blower Examples

I’ve consisted of a small choice of example products and reviews to give you an idea that the differences in between the two types, and the type of devices that are easily accessible on the industry today.