User tries to publish a data mart. Afterwards, user opens the batch queue, however finds the the job "Finished v Error". User double-clicks top top the entry, to view the full error details.

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Arithmetic overflow error convert expression come data type int.


Invalid data inside Controller database (either the application repository or the data mart database).

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Resolving The Problem

Modify the Controller database, so the the pertinent table have the right to contain the required data. because that example, in one real-life customer example, the was problem fixed by an altering the table "DMFACTTEXT" (inside the data mart database) so the its shaft "INO" was adjusted from "INT" come "BIGINT". Steps:


prior to continuing, you re welcome make certain that her database has been effectively backed up
. Also, ideally you re welcome test inside a separate test/development system/database an initial (before do the efforts in your production system). The following steps are based upon SQL 2008: 1. Logon come the SQL server as an Administrator 2. Start "SQL Server monitoring Studio" 3. Situate the Controller data mart database (for instance "Controller_datamart") 4. Increase database, and also open the section "tables" 5. Situate table "DMFACTTEXT" 6. Right-click ~ above "DMFACTTEXT" and also choose "Design"
7. Scroll under the shaft "Column Name" until you uncover the row equivalent to "INO" 8. To the right of "rowid" (inside the column "Data Type") girlfriend will find the worth "int" 9. Change the value (from the initial "int") to the new value "bigint":
10. Right-click ~ above the name/label of the tab (that synchronizes to the display screen that you space using to modify to the table) and choose "close
" 11. As soon as prompted, pick "yes" to conserve changes 12. When prompted, choose "yes" to conserve the tables. 13. Nearby "SQL Server management Studio" 15. Test. TIP: If the adhering to message is displayed when conserving the changes... "Saving changes is no permitted. The changes you have made call for the complying with tables to be dropped and also re-created. You have actually either made changes to a table the can"t it is in re-created or permitted the option Prevent saving alters that require the table to it is in re-created" ...then change the option to allow changes, Tools menu > alternatives > Designers, un-select "Prevent saving changes that call for table re-creation" and also repeat the changes.
<"Product":"code":"SS9S6B","label":" Cognos Controller","Business Unit":"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud & Data Platform","Component":"Controller","Platform":<"code":"PF033","label":"Windows">,"Version":"10.1.1","Edition":"","Line of Business":"code":"LOB10","label":"Data and AI">