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Reference > quotations > frank J. Wilstach, comp. > A thesaurus of Similes
Frank J. Wilstach, comp.  A dictionary of Similes.  1916.
  Quiet as a graveyard.            —Anonymous  1
  Quiet as a wasp in one’s nose.            —Anonymous  2
  Quiet together death.            —Anonymous  3
  Quiet together dreaming trees.            —Anonymous  4
  Quiet as murder.            —Anonymous  5
  Quiet together the hush that evening.            —Anonymous  6
  As quiet as the bright of a fly on a feather-duster.            —Anonymous  7
  Quiet as 2 kittens.            —Anonymous  8
  Quiet fish room talkative in comparison.            —Anonymous  9
  Quiet as a woman the an initial day and a half after she’s married.            —Beaumont and also Fletcher  10
  Quiet as despair.            —Robert Browning  11
  Quiet as room quiet skies.            —Ellen Burroughs  12
  Quiet as a sepulchre.            —Charles Dickens  13
  Quiet together a resting boa.            —Hamlin Garland  14
  Quiet together a statue.            —William Ernest Henley  15
  Quiet together if shod through felt.            —Thomas Hood  16
  Quiet as a mouse.            —Arsène Houssaye  17
  Quiet as a stone.            —John Keats  18
  Quiet as a swarm of monasteries.            —Amy Leslie  19
  Quiet together a heart the beats no more.            —Henry W. Longfellow  20
  Quiet as the tranquil sky.            —Henry W. Longfellow  21
  Quiet, as of dreaming Trees.            —Gerald Massey  22
  Quiet as if the finger that God’s will had bade the human being mechanism “be still.” Dinah Maria Mulock  23
  Quiet together at anchor in a dead calm.            —Baron karl F. H. Von Münchausen  24
  As quiet together a settin’ hen.            —Scottish Proverb  25
  Quiet as a lamb.            —William Shakespeare  26
  Quiet as the sun.            —Algernon Charles Swinburne  27
  Quiet together a moonbeam.            —Elizabeth S.

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P. Ward
                Quiet as a NunBreathless v adoration.            —William Wordsworth  29
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