I"m genuinely in confusion once it involves using those two: can I draw a distintive line in using them?

Thank you.

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There is no actual difference in between them and if there is, that is also subtle in common speech. Think about the instances below:

"He acted as if he own everything around me."

"He acted as though he own everything about me."

The slight difference I mentioned, is the "as if" is supplied or preferred in speculative situations where you space not confident around something being the factor or reason or fact. In the sentence "he behaved as if he had actually lost his mind," the phrase "as if" argues what might have to be the cause of the monster demeanor. But if we say "he behaved together though he had actually lost his mind," it argues that we have a modicum of trust on what could have led to that misdemeanor.

But, prefer I said earlier, this difference matters nada colloquially. Also, we usage "as if" sarcastically in some situations.

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