Attack on Titan Season 2 illustration 4

Today’s Attack ~ above Titan episode is one more reminder to me the how various Japanese anime is compared to Western tv in the 1) a totality episode go by without a single member core main characters—Eren, Mikasa, Armin—making an appearance, and also 2) all twenty-some minute of it took ar in one location, following one constant over-arching storyline. Shifting the narrative far from your main personalities to peripheral ones totally isn’t a bad thing. Rather, it’s a pretty amazing break indigenous the sort of formulaic TV story-telling an approach that I, and a huge portion the the American population, have been subjected to because the innovation of the fifty percent and hour-long series.

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“Soldier” is all around Christa, Ymir, and the remainder of the Corps members surveying the wall trying, and also failing devastatingly, to make it through the night at Utgard Castle. That concludes with a very, very unexpected final twist the left me screaming in frustration when the finishing card popped up instantly after, informing me the I’d have to wait a entirety other main to watch what happens.

What’s Up with Ymir

Ymir has constantly been a pretty weird character, from she over-the-top abrasive personality to her unexplained intense dedication come Christa, both the which got somewhat defined this week.

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We an initial got a feeling that something’s not best with Ymir from she overreaction come Connie explaining how the immobile Titan discovered on top of the damages of his residence reminded that of his mother. Then we found out that she can read a language no one else can. And also the huge final reveal turns the end to be the she’s a Titan-shifter every along. Not only that, she also happens to be the very same Titan the ate Reiner’s friend (I’ll obtain into the bizarre flashback in a bit).

It’s not well-explained so far how this whole Titan-shifter thing works, or more importantly, why civilization like her and also Annie, who seem to understand they have the right to shift, were hiding themselves. Even between her and also Annie, though, I acquired the feeling that your stories room different. Annie seems to be functioning for someone, or at least, for a purpose. Ymir was just hiding. Therefore why? and how much around the Titans go she know?

While critical week’s illustration revealed the Christa has actually a big hidden family secret, by this junction, i don’t feel choose Ymir stuck to her because that said big family secret. Probably it’s simply the romantic in me, but Ymir genuinely appears to have actually a like on Christa:

– “And that doesn’t seem choose you have actually interest in men either,” claimed Reiner come Ymir