How to place your furniture in one awkward living room layout v a corner fireplace

I got a an excellent question from Desha over at a workshop that ns did recently live digital on how to Decorate choose a agree – the 3 insider mystery that will present you how to job-related with color, fabrics, and also more…

It was a great question and also I had actually to re-publishing it.

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As ns am sure a most you can be experiencing the same style dilemma through a wonky fireplace location too plenty of windows and too numerous openings in the room.

This is what Desha is struggling with:

“My trouble is layout in my living room. Lots of windows, two big openings in the room (pocket doors) and also awkward focal suggest (fireplace).”

Unfortunately these space structural aspect in your home that friend can’t readjust without paying a hefty price because that it.

But fear not there is always a equipment for any design problem!

Without seeing Desha’s actual an are – ns am going to assume the following:

– the she has a corner fireplace (awkward)– She no have enough wall an are in her living room (too countless windows and two big pocket doors)

Here are my 5 advice on just how to location your furniture in one awkward living room layout through a edge fireplace

Let’s begin with the awkward edge fireplace placement:

What appears to be the most obvious focal point, the fireplace, must sometimes be ignored particularly if the in a wonky placement like in a corner!

So, my number one reminder is to…

1. Neglect the fireplace

Source: The Nester

2. Choose a various focal allude instead and also arrange her seating roughly this brand-new focal allude or eye candy

Source: Two Ellie

3. A new focal suggest could it is in a window instead – girlfriend can create a vignette the in prior of a window


Source: much better Homes and also Gardens


Source: DesignSponge

4. Or it might be among the openings that is in your home as long as the opening leads to something interesting at the end of it.


Source: Erin Williams ~ above Design



Source: Lonny.com


Source: Houzz

In Desha’s case because she has pocket doors, she can create a focal suggest with the pocket doors.

For example, treating the pocket door as a empty canvas and paint something funny on it choose the picture below.


Source: Unknown

If friend absolutely don’t desire to neglect the fireplace and still desire to emphasize the in her living room…

Here are some furniture layout with awkward corner fireplace the you can shot out in her living room:




Source: Fred gonsowski

Those room my 5 advice on exactly how to ar your furniture in an awkward life room layout with a edge fireplace. Let me recognize what friend think, and also leave me a comment in the comment section.

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Happy Decorating!


P.S. – If you have actually a style dilemma that is tripping you up through your house decor leave me a comment in the comment section and I will answer that in mine Q and A with Christine column

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