Whether you"ve decided to formula feed your baby from the start, are supplementing your breast milk with formula, or are switching from chest milk to formula, you"re bound to have actually questions. Below are answers to some common queries about formula feeding.

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My baby is fussy ~ a feeding. How deserve to I help?

Babies deserve to be fussy because that a number of reasons. Periodically it"s as result of gas, or the thetype of formula, bottle, or nipple used, or something rather entirely. The tips below may help your baby feel much more comfortable.

Walk with your infant or sit in a rocking chair, trying miscellaneous positions. Try burping your baby an ext often during feedings. Place your baby belly-down across your lap and also rub his or she back. Placed a warm towel or warm water party on your baby"s belly, checking very first to make certain it"s not as well hot. Organize your infant upright. Put your infant in a swing — the movement may have actually a soothing effect. Put your infant in one infant auto seat in the back of the car and also go for a ride. The vibration and also movement that the vehicle often calm a baby. Shot playing music — part babies respond come sound as well as movement. Try turning on the dishwasher, garments dryer, or a white noise machine. The constant gentle noise may sooth a crying baby.

If your baby continues to be fussy after feedings, speak to the physician to watch what else may be going on. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), a milk allergy, or another condition can cause fussiness after ~ a feeding.


How perform I recognize if mine baby has an allergy?

Some babies are allergic to the protein in cow"s milk formula. Symptom of an allergy reaction may include:

abdominal muscle pain rashes blood or mucusin the baby"s stools

Report any of this symptoms to your baby"s doctor, and also follow his or her advice on convert to a unique hypoallergenic formula. However even if the doctor suspects one allergy, don"t invest too lot time worrying that your child could be allergy forever. Children often outgrow milk protein allergies within a couple of years.

Is soybean beans formula safe for mine baby?

Most doctors usually recommend offering babies cow"s milk formula uneven there seems to it is in an allergy or intolerance, in which case the doctor might recommend soybean beans or hypoallergenic formula. Soy formula — with added iron — is together nutritious together cow"s milk-based formula. The trouble is that countless babies who are allergic to cow"s milk are additionally allergic to the protein in soybean beans formulas, for this reason it might not be helpful in these cases.

Some parents may worry after hearing or analysis about certain soy concerns, specifically aboutphytoestrogens (hormone-like chemicals from plants) the are uncovered in soy formulas. These pertains to need to be studied further, but so much research has actually not found definite proof that soy formulas negatively influence a child"s development or reproductive system.

Soy formula must be provided under the direction of your doctor, however it can be an alternative tocow"s milk formula for full-term infants. However, soybean beans formulas are not recommended because that premature infants.

How execute I safely move to a different formula?

Before do the decision to switch, be sure to speak to her doctor. Parents often assume the formula theatre a part in a baby"s fussiness, gas, spitting up, or absence of appetite. However often that"s not the case.

If your doctor provides the yes to move formulas, he or shewill recommend a method to execute it so the your baby"s feedings and digestion aren"t interrupted. The physician may suggest mixing the 2 formulas together little by little, then ultimately eliminating the initial formula altogether.


Do I need to give my formula-fed baby vitamins?

No. Commercial infant formulas with iron are made to contain all the nutrients your infant needs.

Does mine baby require fluoride supplements?

Infants —whether breastfed or formula-fed — perform not require fluoride supplements throughout the an initial 6 months. From 6 months to 3 years, babies call for fluoride additionally only if the water it is provided is lacking in fluoride. Ask your doctor about what your little one needs.

Is it regular for my infant to spit up after a feeding?

Yes, numerous infants will spit increase a little after eating or during burping due to the fact that their digestive tracts are immature. This is perfect normal. Babies might spit up when they:

have eaten too lot burp (the so-called "wet burp") drool sneeze or cry

Some babies spit increase often, maybe also after every feeding. If they"re happy, farming normally, and also don"t it seems to be ~ troubled by it, this usually is OK. This babies are dubbed "happy spitters." If you find that her "spitter" seems fussy or uncomfortable ~ feedings, speak to your doctor to assist figure out what"s going on. It help to save a record of specifically how often and also how much your baby spits increase to aid your doctor diagnose any kind of problem.

Also call the physician if your kid vomits. Vomiting is no the exact same as spitting up. Vomiting is a forceful projection of stomach fluids conversely, spitting increase is a an ext gentle "flow" the fluids the come up. In rarely cases, vomiting is resulted in by aproblem that needs clinical attention.

If the medical professional says her baby"s spitting increase is normal, right here are some ways that mayhelp ease it:

Burp your small one every 3 come 5 minutes throughout feedings. Try giving smaller feedings more frequently. Host your baby upright after ~ feedings. Don"t jiggle, bounce, or actively play v your baby best after feedings. Make certain the nipple feet in your baby"s party is the appropriate size for her baby. For example, rapid flows may cause babies come gag or may simply give them an ext than they have the right to handle, whereas slower flows might frustrate some babies and also cause them come suck harder and also gulp too lot air. Store your baby"s head above his or she feet when feeding (in various other words, don"t hold your infant in a dipped-down position as soon as feeding).

Fortunately, plenty of babies prosper out that spitting up by the time they"re 1 year old.


Is it OK to prop a bottle in my baby"s mouth?

No. Girlfriend shouldn"t leave your baby unattended or feeding indigenous a "propped" bottle. Propping a bottle is a choking peril and also can bring about ear infections and baby party tooth decay, a serious dental problem that outcomes from formula (as well as breast milk or juice) pooling in a baby"s mouth. Always host your baby during feedings.

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It isOK to let my infant sleep with a bottle?

No. You should never put your infant to bed with a bottle. Prefer propping a bottle, it can cause choking, ear infections, and also tooth decay.