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"Why Don"t We simply Dance" is a tune written through Jim Beavers, Jonathan Singleton and also Darrell Brown, and also recorded by American country music artist josh Turner. It was released in august 2009 as the lead-off solitary from his album Haywire, which to be released top top February 9, 2010. The song became Turner"s 3rd number one fight in February 2010, his first since "Would friend Go with Me" in October 2006, and also his longest remain at the height with four weeks. On might 24, 2010, the single was his 4th to it is in certified gold by the RIAA. Much more »

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Baby, why don"t we just turn that TV off?Three hundred and also fifteen networks of nothing but bad news on,Well it could be meBut the means I see it,The whole broad world has gone crazy.So baby, why don"t we just dance?Just a little bitty living room ain"t gonna look favor much.But as soon as the lights walk down and we relocate the couch,It"s gonna be an ext than enoughFor my two left feetAnd our two hearts beatin"Nobody"s gonna see united state go crazy.So baby, why don"t we simply danceDown the hall,Maybe directly up the stairs?Bouncing off the wall,Floating on air,Baby, why don"t we simply dance?Baby, why don"t girlfriend go placed your best dress on,And those high heeled shoes you love to loseAs shortly as the melody come on?On second thought,Just the way you areIs currently driving me crazy.So baby, why don"t we just danceDown the hallMaybe directly up the stairs?Bouncing off the wall,Floating ~ above air,Baby, why don"t we simply dance?I"ll cut a rugWell it might be meBut the means I check out it,The whole broad world has gone crazy.So baby, why don"t we simply dance(Bouncing turn off the walls, floating on air)Oh baby (baby) why don"t we simply dance?

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mockery Turner Joshua Otis "Josh" Turner (born November 20, 1977) is a nation music singer and also actor that signed to MCA Nashville documents in 2003. His latest solitary is "Time Is Love" off his new album, "Punching Bag". In 2003, long Black Train, his title track, to be his breakthrough solitary release. 2005"s Your man accounted for his very first two Number One hits: "Your Man" and also "Would friend Go v Me," when 2007"s every little thing Is Fine had a No. 2 in "Firecracker." Haywire, exit in 2010, produced his biggest hit, the No. 1 "Why Don"t We just Dance." Josh likewise released a Cracker Barrel album dubbed "Live at the Ryman" in 2007. Overall, Turner has actually charted ten times on the Billboard nation singles charts, with all but one the his singles reaching height 40 or higher. Much more »