Gia indigenous 'Bad girls Club' -- allegedly Chewed increase Victim ... Spit Him the end

Gia from 'Bad girls Club' allegedly Chewed increase Victim ... And also Spit Him the end

"Bad girls Club" star Gia Sapp-Hernandez fights favor a friggin" Rottweiler ... So claims her accuser who told cops she took a BITE the end of him during a brawl in south Carolina this weekend.

You are watching: Bad girls club gia damaged the story ... Gia was arrested for attack Saturday morning after a violent incident exterior of a nightclub.

Now, we"ve learned ... Witnesses told police Gia had actually been fighting with multiple guys that night ... Including civilization she had actually been partying with previously that evening.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... Once cops arrived on scene ... Among the men told cops Gia chomped under on his arm throughout the ruckus ... And he had a nasty bite note to prove it.

After talking through witnesses and also viewing the bite mark ... Cops chose to arrest Gia because that assault and battery in the 3rd degree.

She was ultimately released ~ above a $2,130 bond.

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So far, no comment from Gia.

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