Former GMS-7 actress Gwen Zamora renders an figure in ABS-CBN's daytime teleserye be My Lady together the brand-new boss of Daniel Matsunaga's character Phil.

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Known for being a part of GMA-7 for six years, actress Gwen Zamora renders an illustration on ABS-CBN together a guest actors member in the daytime collection Be my Lady.

Gwen very first appeared top top the display last September 23 as Sofia Elizalde, the new boss that Phil (Daniel Matsunaga), ~ his software advance company folded.


She to be then introduced by she subordinates come Phil together a "robo-boss," since she is a workaholic and also a strictly boss.


Yesterday, October 2, the 26-year-old actress also appeared in the Kapamilya musical selection show ASAP wherein she performed a dance number with Sarah Lahbati and Ritz Azul.


Incidentally, Sarah and also Ritz also came from rival networks: buy it is a graduate of GMA's Starstruck V while Ritz placed very first runner-up in TV5's Star Factor.

Gwen began her career in the Kapuso network as soon as she was presented in the 2010 primetime collection Grazilda starring Glaiza de Castro.

In this fantasy-themed soap opera, she play the renowned fairy story character of Cinderella.


Gwen as Cinderella in Grazilda

That exact same year, she became the new leading lady that Vic Sotto in the subway Manila movie Festival entry Si Agimat in ~ si Enteng Kabisote together Faye, instead of Kristine Hermosa in the Enteng Kabisote movie franchise.

Gwen went on to do an ext TV jobs as kontrabidas in soap operas Alakdana (2011), Machete (2011), Biritera (2012), Aso Ni san Roque (2011), Indio (2013), and also Binoy Henyo (2013).

She would also continue to reprise the function of Faye in prospering Enteng Kabisote installments Enteng ng Ina Mo (2011) and Si Enteng, si Agimat, at Ako (2012).

In 2012, Gwen obtained a large movie break as soon as she was tapped to be the lead star that the international movie The Witness. The stated movie was a venture of GMA Films and the Indonesian movie outfit Skylar Pictures.


Gwen in The Witness

In 2014, Gwen played the key villain in the afternoon series Innamorata, which also starred former Kapamilya actress Max Collins and Luis Alandy, who is also now in ABS-CBN.

In 2015, Gwen played a mother role in the early on primetime collection My Mother's Secret wherein she played among the main characters v Christian Bautista, Kim Rodriguez, and Kiko Estrada.


Gwen play the mommy of Kim Rodriguez in my Mother's Secret

Gwen's last TV appearance together a Kapuso remained in a cameo function in the pilot episode of Little Nanay, as the mommy of Kris Bernal.

Gwen is the 2nd former GMA star who had Be mine Lady as very first teleserye upon delivering to ABS-CBN.

The an initial was Geoff Eigenmann, who ended up being a mainstay the the Kapamilys series after his an initial appearance critical June.

Read: Geoff Eigenmann joins ABS-CBN teleserye after ~ being v GMA for previous seven years




Former GMS-7 actress Gwen Zamora renders an appearance in ABS-CBN's daytime teleserye be My Lady as the new boss that Daniel Matsunaga's character Phil.

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