Before the throne that God above, I have a strong, a perfect plea

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1 before the throne of God aboveI have actually a solid and perfect plea,A great High priest whose surname is Love,Who ever lives and also pleads for me.My surname is graven top top his hands,My name is composed on his heart;I understand that if in heav"n the standsNo tongue have the right to bid me thence depart,No tongue deserve to bid me thence depart.

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2 as soon as Satan tempts me to despairAnd speak me that the guilt within,Upward i look and also see that thereWho made an end of every my sin.Because the sinless Savior died,My sinful soul is count free;For God the simply is satisfiedTo look on him and pardon me,To look at on him and also pardon me.

3 Behold that there! The climbed Lamb,My perfect, spotless righteousness;The great unchangeable "I AM,"The King the glory and also of grace!One v himself ns cannot die,My spirit is purchase by his blood;My life is hid with Christ on high,With Christ, mine Savior and my God,With Christ, mine Savior and also my God.


1 Ante el gran trono celestialCristo intercede hoy por mí,Gran Sacerdote, sin igual,el que por siempre ha de vivir.Y en sus manos, por su amor,mi nombre ya grabado está;sé bien que tengo su favor,y nadie de él me apartará,y nadie de él me apartará.

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2 Y cuando acecha el Tentadortrayendo culpa y aflicción,mis ojos buscan al Señor,al inocente que murió.Y por su muerte el Salvadormi alma hizo revivir,pues Dios, el Justo, aceptósu obra en la cruz por mí,su obra en la cruz por mí.

3 Ved al Cordero Redentor,quien su justicia supo dar;el inmutable gran "YO SOY",el Rey de gloria y majestad.Unido a él no morirépues con su sangre me compró.Mi vida está escondida en él,en Cristo Dios, mi Salvador,en Cristo Dios, mi Salvador.Source: Santo, Santo, Santo: cantos para el pueblo de Dios = Holy, Holy, Holy: song for the world of God #541
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Author: Charitie Lees Bancroft

Bancroft, Charitie Lees, née Smith, daughter of the Rev. Sidney Smith, D.D., Rector of Drumragh, ar Tyrone, Ireland; to be born in ~ Bloomfield, Merrion, in the ar of Dublin, June 21,1841; and married, in 1869, come Arthur E. Bancroft. Her hymns have showed up in periodicals, Lyra Britannica, Bishop Ryle"s spirituality Songs, and also other collections, and additionally as leaflets. The following have come into usual usage:—1. O for the robes that whiteness. Sky desired. This favorite children"s hymn was 1st pub. As a leaflet in 1860. In 1867 that was consisted of in Lyra Britannica, and also thence has passed right into several collection in good Britain and also America.2. The King of glory standeth. Christ the Saviour. …Go to person page >