Just choose hooooooney Haaaaanaaaah, it goes down just as sweet. Negative Hannah Ferrier is drown in her desire for Conrad Empson, and while she has her head in the clouds, everything else on Below Deck Mediterranean is sinking. Particularly Captain Sandy Yawn‘s opinion of her!

So below we are in the high seas with one charter’s breakfast company going come crispy toast in a bread basket. If only Kasey Cohen could find her method out the the wash room to assist Brooke Laughton and also if just Hannah might find her method out of Conrad’s dreams, Captain Sandy might have acquired either she omelet or she toast in a timely (re: quiet hot) fashion! Instead, Sandy has to track Hannah down, like a dog sniffing the end a dropped item of meat, and also finds she sitting in ~ her computer system ordering offers for the next charter.

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I don’t think I need to describe the logic to y’all that the existing charter guests need the attention now. We all understand the listed below Deck chief stews have the right to have rarely tequila (or anything in ~ all), heliport-ed into the middle of the ocean, ergo supplies order have the right to wait, but until they acquire atoast-delivering drone Hannah needs to be monitoring her underlings and managing service! Girl – rookie mistake. At Sandy’s confrontation, Hannah turns whiny and also dramatic together a personality in a negative local theater production and shrilly blames she disorganization on gift up every NIGHT solving Sandy’s mistake to let guests wear pair of shoes on-board scrubbing stains the end of the carpet until she arisen blisters. However, Cinderella renders no cite of doing every this cleaning alongside Conrad, the prince through the glass slipper that slides in simply right!

Then Hannah dissolves right into tears and also storms listed below deck wherein a stunned Jamie Jason plasters herself against the wall surface to avoid obtaining run over by the camera crew chasing a feral Hannah. After taking a couple of moments to sob right into her pillow, Hannah resets she bitchface, caters to the guests and also vows to make Kasey pay for not assisting Brooke through puttingipecac in her cocktails later. Good thing Kasey constantly has actually that warm iron v her – she could need it for self-defense!

Thankfully the guests are Sandy’s friends and the forgiving types, so rather of tipping v a crate of super vibrators, lock hand over $1000 euro each. Regardless, Sandy stays salty over the failure of the charter – she’s looking at YOU Hannah, Conrad, aaaaaannnnd Adam Glick!

Adam, turning into Colin Macy-O’Toole‘s rapping sidekick, is like hoooold up, waitaminute , but I fight them guest up with 300 desserts and you have the right to just contact me Eazzzzy-Bake Oven due to the fact that not a point was badly cook’d! So, yo Sandy, permit the dry toast reduced your mouth. To put it politely Adam refuses to it is in blamed for negative service since Sandy didn’t obtain breakfast rapid enough. Come illustrate: A) he’s not a short-order cook in a low-rent diner; B) that didn’t also know Sandy was dining with the guests; C) the order weren’t comes in at the best time or gift taken out upon completion. The course, Adam speak Sandy all this ~ above the leg while Hannah conveniently wake up to be tidying up. Uh-huh… Hannah vows that if he’s planning come throw internal under the bus he far better make sure she’s no driving – and also practicing how to work-related the turning back gear. Later, however, she decides it’s far better to simply keep on Adam’s good-side.

Hannah additionally thinks Sandy is projecting because she’s pissed over not obtaining to show off for she friends how she drives huge boats. Perhaps…


What is one issue, however, and continues to be, is THE FOOD. Adam is really acquiring his early from last season! After having lunch was a let-down that lowly salads, 2 of the guests request a sit-down to clarify the dinner menu and explain, in complex detail, all their wants. This morphs right into their demanding he make a veritable buffet the every fattening food they have the right to imagine. Mac and cheese, more pasta, steak, lobster, not lobster, cake… Did the not occur to this guests that they will certainly be attract a bathing fit on nationwide TV and also perhaps food infant bloat can not it is in the ideal look? Am ns the just one who thinks salads are the compassionate selection for swimwear meets television cameras through confidence?

While Adam is laboring in the kitchen cooking for hours, meeting the demands of each and every guest, Hannah is hanging balloons and also hanging out. Simply waiting together the guests are delay dinner again, and again, and again while castle perfect your outfits and their makeup and also their hair. In ~ 11 afternoon Adam is tho heating and re-heating food if the guests remain in their cabins hand-gluing every individual rhinestone to their Party City costume.

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Adam blames Hannah for not regulating the circulation of dinner through being an ext proactive. Maybe it’s due to the fact that Hannah is dreaming of all the things she could do to Conrad in the tender v that feather headdress.

Next week as Adam and Hannah’s issues explode,Brooke lights a firecracker ~ above board, and Sandy freaks out!