Happy birthday, Benedict Cumberbatch! The Doctor strange star turns 45 today, and his plenty of fans out there space flooding society media this particular day to wish the Oscar-nominated gibbs a great day. The british thespian was launched into an international fame many thanks to the BBC’s Sherlock TV collection in 2010 and also since climate he’s gone on to end up being one the Hollywood’s busiest leading men, featuring in the likes that The Imitation Game, Star Trek right into Darkness and The Hobbit trilogy.

Of course, MCU lovers understand him many as Stephen Strange, with Cumberbatch having showed up four time in the duty so far because his made his debut in 2016, with at the very least another couple on the way over the next 12 months.

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Here’s simply a odor of every the love going roughly for the gibbs on Twitter this July 19th.

Happy 45th birthday Benedict Cumberbatch 19th July 1976