The go Dead lived approximately its reputation on Sunday night and also killed off a quickly rising personality from the Kingdom. It to be the an initial Kingdom death fans the the AMC series have seen and also possibly the very first King Ezekiel has witnessed since making his pact v the Saviors.

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After acquiring shot in the leg, Benjamin died from his injuries in Carol"s house.

Benjamin may not have been a crucial character in terms of relocating the show"s plot, however, the was very important come one character. Morgan Jones looked at Benjamin choose a son. Morgan trained Benjamin, cared for him when he could, and mentored him as soon as it pertained to raising a young boy.

The Saviors take it Benjamin indigenous Morgan which is nearly as severe of one offense against the fine trained survivor together killing his genuine son Duane.

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According to Morgan Jones actor Lennie James, the fatality of Benjamin will be a significant "jolt" thrust ~ above the character. James captured up with because that an to exclude, interview about the episode and opened up about how Benjamin"s fatality will result Morgan.

"I think it"s a mix of a few things," James said. "It"s the push that"s been placed on the to decision one means or one more both from Carol and Daryl and Rick and also Richard. So, it"s in his mind and i think, even after the fatality of Benjamin, he"s tho trying to stand up to it. It"s another loss for Morgan, he was reluctant to take on Benjamin as he is taking duty for him and after King Ezekiel asked the to virtually father Benjamin, it"s prefer Morgan got to out and cared for someone else and that human was taken native him. I think it"s a jolt come his system and also he"s quiet trying to navigate that jolt."

Previously, James has actually addressed fans hoping to see Morgan death again, speak they have to "be careful" what they wish for, teasing the idea of killing gift an seeks which Morgan controlled to kick. Benjamin"s fatality has certain sparked a change in Morgan"s philosophy which can send him to the depth of insanity viewers captured in Season 3.

The go Dead is right now the fifth ranked series in"s TV database, earning a rating that 87.14 out of 100 from fan votes. The only shows ranked with an ext prestige are The Flash, Stranger Things, Daredevil, and Game of Thrones.


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