3. Vs Triple H – WrestleMania XXX

If the stories space true (and they seem to be), this match was handed to Bryan after cm Punk left. Originally, the arrangement was for Bryan to challenge Sheamus for the third time in ~ WrestleMania, and while arguably, at least this time they might have actually gotten enough time to have a decent match, this to be an infinitely better idea. Over the very long life of The Authority, this was probably the biggest and also best example of them gaining their comeuppance, due to the fact that it in reality mattered. Triple H spent practically an entire year hold Daniel Bryan under on TV (while pressures backstage hosted him down in reality), constantly berating him and the fans v the idea that he was a “B+ player” who can never hang with the true legends of the ring. And also when Bryan and Triple H challenged off for genuine in the opening complement of WrestleMania, it was the perfect orgasm of a feud that had gotten muddled and virtually buried at some time in the fall, however which the fans enabled to persevere. V Triple H pass his trademark heavyweight style and Bryan his signature “indie” speed and also technique, it to be a near-perfect meshing of two vastly different ideologies, and also the an outcome was magical. The complement was so good, and so cathartic when Bryan cleaned beat The Game, the Bryan’s ultimate title win was almost anti-climactic. ~ all, when he beat The Game, that couldn’t the defeat?

2. Vs Randy Orton and Batista – WrestleMania XXX

The answer, that course, is nobody. To cap points off after beating Triple H, Bryan went on to defeat the other two members of evolution later that exact same night. It kind of provides The Shield look like wusses because that needing all 3 of them to carry out the very same thing, doesn’t it? that course, we’re only kidding, but Bryan play his role in this complement to perfection. He gained beaten increase by 2 bigger guys, repeatedly, yet kept coming back. He got strapped into a stretcher, yet fought his method up and went right earlier into the enhance (Roman Reigns should have actually taken keep in mind of exactly how bad-ass Bryan looked at that point, instead of rolling turn off the stretcher and walking come the earlier before return 30 minutes later on at the 2016 Rumble). The authority ran in and also tried to screw the over, first by interfering on their own and also then by inserting a biased referee, and Daniel Bryan prevented all of that from avoiding him. In the end, Daniel Bryan compelled Batista come tap out (almost as if in apology because that the Rumble win), and stood high in the ring as WWE human being Heavyweight Champion as confetti rained down and also fireworks exploded. The main occasion of WrestleMania XXX was much more than a match, it to be an experience.

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1. Vs man Cena – SummerSlam, 2013

While WrestleMania was the culmination the a story that began here, and also neither of them were in reality Bryan’s very first World title in WWE, this to be by far the ideal match Daniel Bryan had in WWE. Bryan’s story talks around how Cena himself want this match, and talked Vince McMahon up right into how huge of a deal it would certainly be that Vince actually decided to push the enhance to the second-biggest pay Per view of the year, SummerSlam, instead of holding it at the less essential Money in the financial institution show a month earlier. V that sort of support behind it, it must be no shock the it exceeded all expectations. Cena, that is not-so-secretly one of the best wrestlers top top the roster as soon as he demands to be, lugged his “A” game and not only broke out some innovative offense, he marketed for Bryan much more than anyone had in his WWE career approximately that point. Few things did an ext to make Daniel Bryan a legit main occasion talent than John Cena offering Bryan’s kicks favor he was gaining shot at close range, and ultimately laying under to a solitary instance of Bryan’s flying knee finisher. In an er where main event matches affiliated multiple kick-outs native finishers, Bryan’s was marketed like fatality itself, through a man who kicks the end of whatever at the very least once, and turned Bryan indigenous a crowd favorite right into The Man.

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That course, the results nearly screwed whatever up because that a while, however it all resolved in the end.

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