TSR to exclude, Details: If you’ve ever before watched A&E’s “Beyond scared Straight,” climate you know Ms. Foxxxxy is quickly one the the most memorable civilization from the prison-based truth show.

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Ms. Foxxxxy got to viral fame when she schooled a young teen, who got recorded up for fighting in ~ school, about how come respond come haters without providing into violence. Girlfriend didn’t also have to watch the show to understand the then inmate’s well known line–“I was waiting on you at the doe!”–which flooded social media after ~ the illustration aired.

Well, if 2020 has provided us anything, it’s surprises. Six years after that unforgettable episode aired, the teen and Foxxxxy have attached up in the “Beyond scared Straight” reunion we didn’t understand we needed. The pics have been all over social media recently, v rumors the the 2 are now romantically linked.

But Cedric, the as soon as troubled teenager turned entrepreneur, settled the rumors genuine quick and also let us understand there’s nobody of the going on!

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A short article shared through The the shade Room (

Cedric tells us the real story behind the connect up is the Foxxxxy has actually actually become a mentor to him because they met on the show.

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Cedric claims Foxxxxy has actually kept in touch with him to watch his growth and breakthrough but castle lost contact after her Instagram account was hacked. 

Going on around his business, the recent meetup to be a surprise to also Cedric, who says them running into each various other was a complete coincidence. 

“We no intend on seeing one an additional but we also have other in store for the viewers,” Cedric speak us.

Just what could that be? we asked Cedric to provide us the deets and also he told us what we could say is the there’s a show in the works through him and also Foxxxxy! 

Would y’all be below for a show featuring this duo? Let united state know!

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